Katarina Rodriguez is Ready for Miss Intercontinental 2017!

Photo Credits: Miss Intercontinental

Katarina Rodriguez is ready for Miss Intercontinental 2017. She is well on the end of her preparation before she leaves for Sri Lanka. Just recently, she changed the color of her hair. I just had to post this as I feel that her new hair color complemented the softness of her facial feature. She is beautiful!

Credits to the Owner


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2 Responses to Katarina Rodriguez is Ready for Miss Intercontinental 2017!

  1. paddylastinc says:

    Hi Domz!
    I’ve to agree that hair colors suits her very feminine look!
    I’m pretty sure you’ve heard that the Miss Intercontinental will be held in Egypt instead of Sri Lanka? Not sure about the date but I think it was moved to from Dec 21 to January 10-26, 2017 🙂

    • Domzee says:

      Hi @paddylastinc,

      Yaaas! She was beautiful before but she just went a notch or two higher on the beauty meter with that hair color ❤

      I also heard the movement of the Miss Intercontinental pageant, both the date and the host country! Too bad for Kat as she will not be able to enjoy the Holiday food. Lol! Though it will give her more prep time.

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