Miss Universe 2017 (16th Update): The Magic Number is 4!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

The rumors are true! Miss Universe 2017 is implementing something different with its pageant finale format. This year, Miss Universe is bringing back the Top 16 semifinalists – from Top 13 in 2016 and Top 15 in 2015 and 2014. Miss Universe Organization dropped another shocker by announcing that the Top 16 will be coming from specific geographical groups. The 16 ladies will be selected from – Americas (4 semifinalists), Europe (4 semifinalists), Africa & Asia (4 semifinalists) and 4 semifinalists considered as wildcard who will be selected from all geographical groups.

Credits to the Owner

This is extra painful for me. Looking at my initial list of favorites, it seems that Asia and Americas will be dominating with a lot of strong delegates. This format is very limiting. If the goal is to reach untapped markets such as the European counries, this format will not help.

Video Credits: TheQrownPhilippines

Initially, I was thinking that MUO will not announce the groupings to add an element of surprise. However, it seems that they are not. The groupings will be observed even during the special video that will serve is as the opening.

If there is a consolation to what will happen, I am pleased to share that MUO will allow all semifinalists to walk individually during the swimsuit and evening gown competition. Last year’s format of having the semifinalists walk in a group of threes did not sit well with fans.

Are you excited with this format or not?!?


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