Miss Universe 2017 Queens in Manila, Philippines!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

I am giddy with the news that Miss Universe 2017 Queens are here in the Philippines! With the invitation of a private organization and in coordination with the country’s Department of Tourism, 14 of the 92 contestants from the recently held Miss Universe competition is here in the country!

Credits to the owners of the photos below

Here are the 2017 queens with our Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo.

Here are the beautiful queens who are making the Philippines extra beautiful with their visit….

China (Roxette Qiu)

Spain (Sofia del Prado)

India (Shraddha Shashidhar)

Singapore (Manuela Bruntraeger)

Philippines (Rachel Peters)

Canada (Lauren Howe)

Italy (Maria Polverino)

Russia (Kseniya Alexandrova)

USA (Kara McCullough)

Malaysia (Samantha James)

Great Britain (Anna Burdzy)

Netherlands (Nicky Opheij)

Korea (Cho Se-Whee)

The candidates had their first full day today and they toured Intramuros (Manila’s walled city) and Luneta Park.

Of course, leading the pack is Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel-Peters of South Africa and my forever queen, Miss Universe 2016 Iris Mittenaere of France. 

I am praying to all beauty pageant Goddesses that this will be the prelude to
Miss Universe 2018 back in Manila, Philippines!


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