Miss USA 2018 (2nd Updates): The Official Candidates

Photo Credits: Miss USA

Miss USA 2018 is starting to get its wheels working for a grand finale scheduled two months from now. I will start my coverage by sharing with you the 51 beautiful delegates who will compete for the most coveted title in America.

Alabama (Hannah Brown)

Alaska (Brooke Johnson)

Arizona (Nicole Smith)

Arkansas (Lauren Weaver)

California (Kelley Johnson)

Colorado (Chloe Brown)

Connecticut (Jamie Hughes)

Delaware (Sierra Wright)

District of Columbia (Bryce Armstrong)

Florida (Genesis Davila)

Georgia (Marianny Egurrola)

Hawaii (Julianne Chu)

Idaho (Tea Draganovic)

Illinois (Karolina Jasko)

Indiana (Darrian Arch)

Iowa (Jenny Valliere)

Kansas (Melanie Shaner)

Kentucky (Braea Tilford)

Louisiana (Lauren Vizza)

Maine (Marina Gray)

Maryland (Brittinay Nicolette)

Massachusetts (Allissa Latham)

Michigan (Elizabeth Johnson)

Minnesota (Kalie Wright)

Mississippi (Laine Mansour)

Missouri (Tori Kruse)

Montana (Dani Walker)

Nebraska (Sarah Rose Summers)

Nevada (Carolina Urrea)

New Hampshire (Michelle McEwan)

New Jersey (Alexa Noone)

New Mexico (Kristen Leyva)

New York (Genesis Suero)

North Carolina (Caelynn Miller-Keyes)

North Dakota (Abigail Pogatshnik)

Ohio (Deneen Penn)

Oklahoma (Cheyene Darling)

Oregon (Toneata Morgan)

Pennsylvania (Olivia Suchko)

Rhode Island (Daescia Demoranville)

South Carolina (Tori Sizemore)

South Dakota (Madison Nipe)

Tennessee (Alexandra Harper)

Texas (Logan Lester)

Utah (Narine Ishhanov)

Vermont (Maia-Jena Allo)

Virginia (Ashley Vollrath)

Washington (Abigail Hill)

West Virginia (Casey Lassiter)

Wisconsin (Regina Gray)

Wyoming (Callie Bishop)

Remember these names because at the end of May 21, one of these ladies will be wearing the Miss USA 2018 crown.


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