Miss Grand International 2018 (1st Update) – Contestants Part 1

Photo Credits: Miss Grand International

I know that we still have weeks before the beautiful Goddesses descend upon Myanmar for Miss Grand International 2018 but I just can’t hide my excitement. Thus, I am starting my MGI 2018 coverage by sharing with you some of the confirmed candidates for the pageant. Here is the 1st group with their official photos via the MGI website

Albania – Klaudia Kalia

Argentina – Julieta Riveros

Australia – Kimberly Gundani

Bahamas – Dannise Bain

Bolivia – Elena Romero

Brazil – Gabrielle Vilela

China – Wanxin Xing

Colombia – Sheyla Quizena

Cuba – Gladys Carredeguas

Czech Republic – Kristyna Langova


Dominican Republic – Mayte Brito

Ecuador – Blanca Arambulo

England – Christina Baker

Ghana – Matey Demey Helen

Guadeloupe – Meghan Monrose

India – Meenakshi Chaudhary

Indonesia – Nadia Purwoko

Japan – Haruka Oda

Kazakhstan – Aim Isengalieva

Korea – Choi Min

Laos – Nobphalat Sikaiphak

Macau – Debora Lopes de Oliveira

I am seeing quiet a few promising faces from this batch!

Am I making you excited?


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