Miss World Philippines 2018 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

Photo Credits: Miss World Philippines

I am happy to introduce to you the official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2018.  We have 40 beautiful Filipinas who will vie for the 4 crowns at stake. I honestly admire the courage of these candidates. Imagine the pressure of following the successes of batch 2017 which gave us three international crowns last year. Crazy, huh?!? But these ladies (I’m sure) can hold their own so I should fret not!

Here are the 40 beautiful ladies:

  1. Erica Larkins
  2. Jigg Kirsty Ang
  3. Barmae Chua
  4. Inna Penales
  5. Kim De Guzman
  6. Mari Danica Reynes
  7. Angeline Mae Santos
  8. Pauline Deveraturda
  9. Arienne Calingo
  10. Paulina Labayo
  11. Pearl Hung
  12. Neesha Murjani
  13. Michelle Oliva
  14. Monique Tuzon
  15. Maisa Margarita Llanes
  16. Maureen Montagne
  17. Divine Veranga
  18. KJ Cudiamat
  19. Jerellen Rodriguez
  20. Angelica Estrevillo
  21. Annalita Vizcarra
  22. Elaiza Alzona
  23. Marianne Marquez
  24. Eiffel Rosalita
  25. Crystal Freedman
  26. Joemay Leo
  27. Katarina Rodriguez
  28. Abbyjun Dizor
  29. Mary Jean Boniao
  30. Rose Murphy
  31. Cleo Jones
  32. Kylah Sanchez
  33. Alyssa Muhlach Alvarez
  34. Denj Magno
  35. Kimi Mugford
  36. Crissia Atienza
  37. Gianna Llanes
  38. Katrina Acaylar
  39. Chanel Morales
  40. Tamara Caballero

This is exciting!!!


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