Miss Universe 2018 (3rd Update): Registration & Fittings

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

Today is the official start of Miss Universe 2018! We have seen the arrivals of the official delegates and they were immediately whisked into the registration and fittings. Check out some of the photos here ❤

I am sure that you are all giddy for the start of the biggest beauty pageant of the year!

Photo Credits: HO/The Miss Universe Organization

Japan (Yuumi Kato), Denmark (Helena Heuser),
British Virgin Islands (Ayana Phillips), Dominican Republic (Aldy Bernard)
& Mexico (Andrea Toscano)

Vietnam (H’Hen Nie), Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin),
El Salvador (Marisela De Montecristo) & Curacao (Akisha Albert)

Russia (Yulia Polyachikhina), Kazakhstan (Sabina Azimbayeva)
& Great Britain (Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers)

South Africa (Tamaryn Green), Egypt (Nariman Khaled)
& Kenya (Wabaiya Kariuki) 

Russia, Mexico & Finland (Alina Voronkova)

You may refer HERE for my pre-arrival favorites who already made a good impression prior to landing in Bangkok. However, I am pleasantly surprised with Puerto Rico, Guam, El Salvador & Canada upon arriving in Thailand. Keeping an eye on these ladies!


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