Miss Universe 2018 (4th Update): The Wuttisak Snail Farm Visit

Photo Credits: Miss Universe

A selected number of Miss Universe 2018 candidates kicked off the Miss Universe 2018 activities with a visit to the Wuttisak Snail Farm. The farm breeds snails and uses it as ingredients in some cosmetics products.

Myanmar (Hnin Thway Yu Aung), Laos (On-anong Homsombath),
USA (Sarah Rose Summers), Dominican Republic (Aldy Bernard) 
& Japan (Yuumi Kato)

This activity was a game changer! Several items that I want to highlight here:

  • USA’s biggest strength is her personality! She may not be your first on the face and body departments but her warmth and glow is making up for whatever you think is lacking (which I personally think is baseless).
  • Thailand is shaping up to be one of the best host delegates. I love how she takes care of her MU sisters.

Philippines (Catriona Gray) & Thailand (Sophida Kanchanarin

  • Catriona is proving everyone why she is the “Girl to Beat” in this competition. From her impeccable styling to the faultless camera register, she is slowly crushing the competition. However, leaning back and getting comfortable should never be an option for her as I can name at least 5 ladies who are hot on her heels ready to take over.
  • Japan, who is dressed by an all-Filipino designers, is making waves with her classy approach to the competition.

Look at the ladies in motion here.

Video Credits: Games & Beauty Pageants

Who is heading your lists now? Share them by leaving a comment below.


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