Beauty-full October


It is time to mark your calendars! Four beautiful days because of four beautiful events in four exciting locations brought to us by four beautiful pageants.


Miss Intercontinental 2016
October 16, 2016 in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Miss Grand International 2016
October 25, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Miss International 2016
October 27, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan

Miss Earth 2016
October 29, 2016 in Manila, Philippines

Please visit this site regularly as I start my coverage of these four pageants. I am also excited to see the journeys of four stunning Filipinas who will carry the nation’s flag and pride as they compete in these pageants:

Jennifer Hammond for Miss Intercontinental 2016

Nicole Cordoves for Miss Grand International 2016

Kylie Verzosa for Miss International 2016

Imelda Schweighart for Miss Earth 2016

This is egzoyting!



Life is a million miles better when you have a best friend to celebrate your milestones with. How comforting it is to have a best friend who will push you to go and pursue your dreams and a best friend who will stand up and cheer the moment you make that dream a reality.

Picture that kind of best friend and add to the mix a Miss Universe 2015 2nd runner-up title and you will have Olivia Jordan. She has been such a supportive friend to Pia Wurtzbach and for that, is already a well-loved queen by the Filipinos.

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas

Olivia was in Manila last weekend to attend the grand finale of Binibining Pilipinas 2016. She was here not just as a judge of the pageant but also to cheer for Pia who passed on her Miss Universe Philippines crown. I saw how Olivia stood up a couple of times during Pia’s emotional farewell walk and was almost teary-eyed after the segment.

In appreciation of Olivia’s warm support, Pia has this to say:

Liv I know it was a short trip but thank you so much for coming with me to the Philippines! I’m so glad everybody gave you a warm welcome. I hope you enjoyed the pageant. And next time we definitely have to hit the beach when our schedules aren’t so hectic anymore. I promise you that! First stop, Boracay! Miss USA and let’s steal Megan Bata? Hehe

From the Filipino fans, thank you for being such a #BestfriendGoal and for supporting Pia❤❤❤ We love you Olivia! Pia is very lucky to have you!

Photo Credits: Miss Universe


The Morning After

There was no time to rest as the newly-crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2016 queens were up early today to officially begin their Binibini duties. One of the pageant’s presenter organized a Facebook live moment with the queens, together with Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Photo Credits: Binibining Pilipinas



I am excited to see more from these ladies…


Binibining Pilipinas 2016 – My Fave List

Disclaimer: Mine is quiet literal this year!

You should know by now that I failed to cover the Binibining Pilipinas 2016 activities which disqualifies me from giving out any predictions. Thus, my list this year is literally full of my favorite candidates based on my personal encounter with the ladies.

Top 15

Binibini 3: Angela Fernando

Binibini 4: Kimberle Mae Penchon

Binibini 7: Angelique De Leon

Binibini 11: Nicole Cordoves

Binibini 14: Paula Rich Bartolome

Binibini 19: Maria Lina Prongoso

Binibini 22: Apriel Smith

Binibini 27: Dindi Joy Pajares

Binibini 28: Nichole Manalo

Binibini 29: Maxine Medina

Binibini 31: Kylie Versoza

Binibini 35: Mariella Castillo

Binibini 36: Maria Gigante

Binibini 38: Angelica Alita


2nd Runner-up: Paula Rich Bartolome (14)

1st Runner-up: Apriel Smith (22)


Binibini Globe 2016: Maria Lina Prongoso (19)

Binibini Grand International 2016: Maria Gigante (36)


Binibini Supranational 2016: Maxine Medina (29)

Binibini Intercontinental 2016: Nichole Manalo (28)


Binibini International 2016: Kylie Versoza (31)

Miss Universe Philippines 2016: Nicole Cordoves (11)

Photo Credits: Binibing Pilipinas

Wishing everyone the best of luck!


Mystery Binibini #2: The Queen from the South

Ola Amiga!

Early this month, I introduced you to our Mystery Binibini #1. Today, I will introduce you to another beauty from the South who might give Binibining Pilipinas 2016  a try. This Queen is no newbie to the pageant circle and she has the title to support it. I am sure that she will be a game-changer if ever she decides to compete.

Though it seems that she is busy with a lot of appointments (at least basing it on her Facebook account), it seems that she is “on her best shape” to compete anytime soon.

PEPhoto Credits: The Queen’s IG account

Who is she?!?


Homecoming: Pia Wurtzbach’s Official Itinerary


One Week left! We are down to seven days until we welcome home Miss Universe 2016 Pia Wurtzbach. Everyone (literally everyone) is anticipating Pia’s return after snatching the Miss Universe title for the Philippines. For you who are anxiously awaiting for Pia’s return, BPCI published the official itinerary of her homecoming.

Catch Pia at the following events:

piahomecomingitinerary Photo Credits:

See you there!

Mystery Binibini #1: The Southern Belle

Ola Amiga!

Since I started my Binibining Pilipinas 2016 coverage already, let me start new series of posts teasing you with the confidently beautiful Filipinas who will attempt to enter the most prestigious Philippine beauty pageant. Let me start my feature with Mystery Binibini #1: The Southern Belle

This Belle from the South is an adventurous soul. Her Instagram photos will tell you how in love she is with the Sea, the Sun and the Sand. And why wouldn’t she?!? She looks absolutely stunning in swimsuit. Her legs go on forever and that her Filipina complexion sums up that exotic look.


This island princess is also very down-to-earth which makes her ultra beautiful. I have been waiting for years now for her and I am just glad that she is giving it a go. I will pray hard for this lady’s success.

Who is she?!?