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Miss Universe 2018 (4th Update): The Wuttisak Snail Farm Visit

Photo Credits: Miss Universe A selected number of Miss Universe 2018 candidates kicked off the Miss Universe 2018 activities with a visit to the Wuttisak Snail Farm. The farm breeds snails and uses it as ingredients in some cosmetics products. … Continue reading

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Kattera Beauty’s Miss Universe 2018 Pre-Arrival Favorites

Photo Credits: Miss Universe TODAY is THE DAY! The ladies of Miss Universe 2018 are now enroute to Thailand for the biggest beauty pageant this year. And before the competition begins, let me share with you my favorite ladies for … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2017 Official Results

Photo Credits: Miss Universe What a finale! I will be publishing an official review in the next few days so please watch out for it. In the meantime, here is the official results of Miss Universe 2017: Miss Universe 2017: South … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2017 (17th Update): My Favorite National Costumes in HD

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Last weekend, Miss Universe 2017 staged the National Costume Competition. All candidates were asked to bring an outfit that will best represent their native country. Being staged year after year, the process of deciding the national costume … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2017 Poll (November 23 Update)

Photo Credits: Miss Universe 3 more days and we will meet Miss Universe 2017! I am freaking out with the idea that the Superbowl of Beauty will soon end.. Urgh! I am back to give you a quick update on our … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2017 (13th Update): Random Photoshoots – Part 2

Photo Credits: Miss Universe I continue my coverage sharing photos from the random photo shoots of the Miss Universe 2017 candidates. You may refer to the 1st part HERE. Who do you think stood out among the candidates featured here? Click … Continue reading

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Miss Universe 2017 Poll (November 21 Update)

Photo Credits: Miss Universe I am back to give you a real quick update on our Miss Universe 2017 Poll. Continue voting for your favorite Miss Universe 2017 candidate by clicking THIS. Please be reminded that this poll will close on … Continue reading

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