Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (8th Update): It’s a Family Affair!

Before Binibining Pilipinas 2014 started to accept applications, I heard rumors that the daughter of Desiree Verdadero (Miss Universe 1984 3rd Runner-up) was actually joining the pageant. However, there was no Aya Abesamis in the screening.

Despite Aya’s absence in Binibining Pilipinas 2014, we are now seeing three other hopefuls who are connected to another Binibini 🙂 Proving that being a beauty queen is something that is in their genes and is (simply) a family affair, these three ladies are brave enough to go through the whole process of competing. Fans should understand that these ladies are in such challenging position because no matter what happens, people will have something to say. If they will be successful, some people will attribute it to her Binibini connection. If in case the bid will be unsuccessful, she will be compared to the achievements of her much more famous relative. I just wish that these ladies will be judged fairly and that they will reach the placement that they truly deserve 🙂

Nichole Marie Manalo


Photo Credits: Sash Factor & Brix Vera

Nichole comes from a family of beauty queens. In fact, her family already has 3 (three) Binibini titles to brag – her aunt Nini Ramos competed and was a semifinalist in Miss International 1968, her older sister Kate Manalo was the country’s representative to Miss World 2002 where she placed in the Top 10 and another older sister is Bianca Manalo who competed in Miss Universe 2009. I don’t know if Nichole felt some pressure into entering Binibini but she just needs to be positive at this point and think that there are three people who are in the best position to coach her through this journey. I am very positive that she will be considered as an official candidate and I am excited to know her performance!

Lea Forbes


Photo Credits: Sash Factor & Brix Vera

Another Binibin sibling is out there trying her luck in the same pageant that made her sister famous. Lea Forbes is the younger sister of Binibining Pilipinas 2012 Runner-Up Ali Forbes. Ali also participated in an international pageant and placed so I bet that she has a longer set of pointers and reminders for her sister. If my memory serves me right, Ali was a “favorite” of Mdm. Stella Araneta. Will Lea be getting the nod of approval as well?

Joy Antonette Diaz


Photo Credits: Dencio Natividad & Sash Factor

If the other two ladies I introduced earlier had Binibini connections, this 3rd beautiful hopeful has a Binibini AND Miss Universe connection. Yes! Joy Antonette Diaz is the niece of Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz. Double the pressure if you will ask me! What is interesting with Joy’s outing is the fact that she decided to join the House of JDV – headed by John Dela Vega which haven’t produced a Miss Universe Philippines crown yet. Of course, with the pageant experience and hardwork of John, an MUP title is just within their camp’s reach. In fact, John is  the man behind the success of Ali Forbes. What do you think with Joy’s chances?


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Throwback Thursday (01.23.14): Before Becoming Queens…

I haven’t had a Throwback Thursday post for sometime now so I decided to have one today! Since we are about to meet the official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 after the final screening later today (crossing my fingers), I would like to share with you the  photos of our reigning queens when they screened and applied for Binibining Pilipinas 2013. How time really flies as these photos were taken a year ago. Look at how they transformed into their winning form here 🙂

Ara Arida (Miss Universe Philippines)
and Pia Wurtzbach (Runner-up)

Photo Credits: Missosology

Bea Santiago (Bb. Pilipinas International)

Photo Credits: Road to BBP 2013

Mutya Datul (Bb. Pilipinas Supranational)

Photo Credits: Bong Tan & Missosology

Cindy Miranda (Bb. Pilipinas Tourism)

Photo Credits: Bong Tan & Missosology

To be very honest, it was really Mutya who made a very good first impression!

What do you think?


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Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (7th Update): Aces & Queen’s Triumvirate

Triumvirate (n) – a group of three people who share a position of authority or power

Aces & Queens is one of the top beauty queen camps that field delegates to national pageants in the Philippines. Thanks to its head honcho Jonas Gaffud and the training that his team provided to the girls, the country enjoyed several successes in international beauty pageants recently. All of our Top 5 Miss Universe finish since 2010 are ladies from A&Q. Of course, much credit should be given to A&Q Team for the success of Megan Young.

For me, two solid testaments to A&Q’s performance are (1) the fact that an A&Q candidate wins the Miss Universe Philippines title in every Binibining Pilipinas pageant since 2005 except in the year 2009 and (2) that 3 of the Top 5 finalists of the past three Binibining Pilipinas editions are from A&Q. Now, assuming that the trend will continue this year, who are the three A&Q ladies who will advance into the Top 5? And from these three, who will win the much coveted title of Miss Universe Philippines 2014? Here are possible scenario 🙂 Which triumvirate will most likely succeed this year?

Diana Arevalo – Bianca Guidotti – Yvethe Marie Santiago


Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Yvethe Marie Santiago – Kimverlyn Suiza – Pia Wurtzbach


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide

Yvethe Marie Santiago – Bianca Guidotti – Kimverlyn Suiza


Photo Credits: Sash Factor

I am excited to know… I am sure that you feel the same too 😀


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VOTE for your favorite here 🙂


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Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (6th Update): An Unexpected Delay?!?

I was e early this morning as I anticipate the supposed release of the official list of candidates for Binibining Pilipinas 2014. Seeing this post in the FB Page of Binibining Pilipinas, made me more excited! Who wouldn’t jump for joy with this status, right?!?


Screen Grab from the BPCI FB Page

Unfortunately, in an act that we have seen before, Binibining Pilipinas decided to move the final cut to Thursday (January 23). I wonder what could have been the reason behind this delay. It seems to me that this move was not planned! Are they deliberating if they will consider 30 or 40 official candidates this year? I honestly don’t know! Just thinking that the next two days will be full of anxiety makes me so disappointed with this move.


The Top 60 Hopefuls
Photo Credits: FB Page of Bb. Pilipinas

After today’s screening, 60 hopefuls remain in the competition! Are you anxious to know if your favorite survived today’s cut as I am? Lucky us! OPMB was able to get this list for us. Those with a check mark were those who survived while those crossed-out names (assuming) are those who ended their Binibining Pilipinas journey! Go check-out the name of your favorites!


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide

At the very least, I am happy to note that all of my screening favorites are moving to this Thursday’s deliberation. How about yours? And how do you feel about this delay?


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Just one of those BIG days!!!

Today is one of the biggest days for Philippine beauty pageants. I am sure that you are as excited as I am to meet the official candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014, YES!!! BPCI will introduce them later today! As per initial announcement, 30 lucky girls will be picked-out as official candidates. I am excited to know 🙂 To keep you excited, here is the very beautiful (emphasis on the “very”) Diana Arevalo. This photo was taken in yesterday’s second screening! Indeed, she is very very very beautiful.


Photo Credits: Bong Tan & Missosology

While waiting for this BIG announcement, I would like to ask for a very BIG favor from you 🙂 As a big part of my beauty pageant family on this side of the web, you are most likely aware that this blog is celebrating our 5th year! Yahooooo! One of my goals this year is to transition this blog to a new domain/URL so that I have enough space for creative endeavors in the future.

I encountered some issues though as kattera(dot)com is already taken. I don’t want to drop “Kattera” as I guess I was able to slowly build a brand behind the name. So I would like to ask from your help via a poll on what domain will stick into your memory and would be very convenient for you to use 😀 PLEASE!!!! Of course, I want you to be part of this process 🙂  Just choose among the choices below and VOTE. Your opinion will surely matter when I make this BIG decision! If you have additional suggestions, please feel free to leave a note in the comment section.

Surely, today is a BIG day for us!!! Egzoyted…


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Ceska Miss 2014 (1st Update): The Official Candidates

On the first half of the year, pageant aficionados are treated to various national pageants electing the countries’ official representatives to the Grand Slam pageants later that year. One of the national pageants that I look forward to each year is Ceska Miss. The pageant is one of the most successful pageants in Europe with an excellent set of candidates year after year. I also admire the quality of the production and the set of winners is pretty acceptable to all.

Today, I am very happy to share with you the official candidates of Ceska Miss 2014. Who among these ten beautiful candidates will represent Czech Republic in Miss Universe 2014Miss World 2014 and Miss Earth 2014. Here are the ladies:

Gabriela Bendova

Photo Credits:

Kristyna Svobodova

Photo Credits:

Simona Simkova

Photo Credits:

Simona Dvorakova

Photo Credits:

Nikola Buranska

Photo Credits:

Kamila Bezpalcova

Photo Credits:

Tereza Skoumalova

Photo Credits:

Veronika Kasakova

Photo Credits:

Martina Hlavnickova

Photo Credits:

Gabriela Frankova

Photo Credits:

I am excited to see more from these ladies. Last year, the international travel destination for their candidates was here in the Philippines. I am excited to know their destination this year!


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Binibining Pilipinas 2014 (5th Update): The Repeaters are Here!

After Miss Cebu 2014, I am now poised to focus my coverage on Binibining Pilipinas 2014. This is such a perfect timing as we are days away before the 30 official candidates are revealed. I have already seen the photos of those brave ladies who submitted their application forms for the grandest beauty pageant in the Philippines.


Photo Credits: FB Page of Bb. Pilipinas

To warm up our coverage, let me first share the Repeaters in order for us to start with some familiar faces. These are the “come back” girls who are back (hopefully with a vengeance) after an unsuccessful bid for a Binibining Pilipinas crown in the past. We already know that Pia Wurtzbach and MJ Lastimosa are back this year! The list doesn’t end there though as we have four beautiful and familiar faces this year.

Diana Arevalo


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide & Jory Rivera

Diana graced the Binibining Pilipinas stage twice already and she placed as a semifinalist in both Binibining Pilipinas 2009 and Binining Pilipinas 2011. This will be Diana’s third outing and I am honestly much more enamored with her beauty now. She looks more relaxed and laid back, just letting her beauty shine through. I think Aces & Queens found the perfect “packaging” for Diana! Like MJ, is third time the charm for this Calapan City native?

Parul Shah


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide & Jory Rivera

Parul impressed all of us with a very strong performance in Binibining Pilipinas 2013. She was noticed and penetrated the semifinalist row. This time this Kagandahang Flores bet has her sight on one of the crowns as she begins her journey with a bang! Parul’s edge is her sex appeal and it shows everytime she hits the stage. I am glad to see that she is still uber sexy as if Binibining Pilipinas 2013 was just last week. Like last year though, my issue with Parul is her neck. It appears very short especially when she is wearing the wrong dress.

Hannah Ruth Sison


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide & Jory Rivera

Oh, the ever-engaging Hannah is back this year! She was one of my favorites last year and I was disappointed after she was not called as a semifinalist. Kagandahang Flores is fielding Hannah again but unfortunately, she failed to impress me with her screening photos. She clearly looks more mature and I think that she was on a better shape last year. I hope to see a huge improvement in the next few weeks.

Ladylyn Riva


Photo Credits: OPMB Worldwide & Jory Rivera

We all remember Ladylyn Rivera from Binibining Pilipinas 2011. I was actually a fan of her profile shots. Her journey to the crowns ended soon after failing to enter the Top 15. This Aklan native is back this year for another shot at the crowns. I was disappointed though with her styling in the screening yesterday. That peek-a-boo long sleeve dress she wore yesterday was a “matronly” choice for me. Poor wardrobe choice if I may say.

Every beauty pageant candidate who plans to return and join the same pageant needs to think a gazillion of times before doing so. This is because the expectations are double and the consequences is enormous. A come back doesn’t assure a candidate anything. I am sure that MJ and Diana are aware of it already. What is important for me is that the candidate (and her handlers) learned a lot of lessons from her previous outing and will try to avoid the same mistake this time. Maybe they can ask pointers from the most successful “come back” Filipina beauty queen – Precious Lara Quigaman.

Pit Senyor everyone!


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