Kattera Awards 2013

This is just a round-up of the awards that I gave out for the past weeks. These are my choices on who and what is memorable talking about the biggest beauty pageants for 2012! 

I had fun in selecting the nominees and, ultimately, their final places. This is another project that I want to continue and I am hoping that you did enjoy it. Moving forward, I will be giving out mini-awards every after a grand slam pageant ends and they will be the nominees for Kattera Awards the following year. So, read below and enjoy🙂

Non-Placer of 2012
Bodine Koehler of Puerto Rico (Miss Universe)

Face of 2012
Barbara Turbay of Colombia (Miss World)

Body of 2012
Melinda Bam of South Africa (Miss Universe)

Best Catwalk of 2012
Mariana Berumen of Mexico (Miss World)

Country of 2012
Team Philippines

GrandSlam Queen of 2012
Tereza Fajksova of Czech Republic (Miss Earth)


Kattera Awards 2013: Non-Placer of the Year

I am now ready to give-out our 3rd award for Kattera Awards 2013 after I named my Face of the Year and Country of the Year awards. By my definition, the non-place of the year award is given to the lady who, if was given a chance to be a semifinalist, could have totally altered the results even probably winning the competition. This lady deserved to be on stage and was a total shocker seeing her ignored.

4th Place: Rozalia Mancewicz of Poland (Miss International 2012)

Photo Credits: http://www.miss-international.org

Rozalia was one of the most prepared candidates in Miss International 2012 so it was a shock seeing her unplaced. She was a shoo-in in the “looks” department – a gorgeous face + blond hair + barbie doll features! She is no pageant newbie – she represented her country in Miss Tourism Queen International 2005 and Miss Universe 2011. Saying that I was disappointed is an understatement.

3rd Place: Barbara Turbay of Colombia (Miss World 2012)

NPYColombia Photo Credits: http://www.mancentral.blogspot.com

You’ll know by now that Barbara is my Face of the Year awardee. Being the face of 2012 beauty pageant is the very reason why Barbara is also in this category. Her face doesn’t only merit a Top 30 finish. I was devastated learning she didn’t make the cut.

2nd Place: Ilknur Melis Durasi of Turkey (Miss Earth 2012)

NPYTurkeyPhoto Credits: http://www.normannorman.com

Ilknur was my favorite for the Miss Earth 2012 crown. She was not only beautiful but also lives up to the Miss Earth creed of protecting the environment. She enrolled herself in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering Program. She is associated with an organization that promotes several charity events. What an exquisite queen she could have been!

Kattera’s Non-Placer of the Year

Bodine Koehler of Puerto Rico (Miss Universe 2012)

NPYPuertoRicoPhoto Credits: http://www.twitter.com

She was in everyone’s list of favorites during Miss Universe 2012. She had the face, the body, the catwalk and that “x-factor”. Her sash was one of the strongest. She was on her best during the finale. I loved her from the moment she was declared as Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2011 and she will forever be one of the best Miss Universe candidates. If only she was in the Top 16, the results will surely be different!


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Kattera Awards 2013: Face of the Year

Presenting to all of you the very first Kattera Award that I am giving this year. As what I explained here, Face of the Year is awarded to the contestant of who had the most beautiful and unforgettable face during the pageant; seeing her face will surely bring back some good memories for 2012 beauty pageants.

This is how I chose the winner for the award: (1) I listed all my “favorite” faces in every pageant (Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss International) last year (2) I chose the best for each pageant and (3) compared the four and check which face personifies the definition above. So there you go!

Here are the runners-up

4th Place: Shauny Bult of Netherlands (Miss Earth 2012)

Shauny BultPhoto Credits: http://www.eyeforbeautyblog.com

I can stare at her pictures for hours. I love how her eyes smile😀 She is really addicting!

3rd Place: Olivia Culpo of USA (Miss Universe 2012)

Olivia CulpoPhoto Credits: http://www.lasvegassun.com

I said it before and I will say it now – Olivia is The face of Miss Universe 2012! ‘Nuff said🙂

2nd Place: Amanda Renee Delgado (Miss International 2012)

Amanda Renee DelgadoPhoto Credits: http://www.missosology.org/forum/

She was the best that Miss International 2012 had to offer this year. Looking at the “different faces” of Amanda, she reminds me of how beauty queens should be – a beauty queen must be a chameleon but is always BEAUTIFUL wherever whenever she must be!

Kattera’s Face of the Year
Barbara Turbay of Colombia (Miss World 2012)

Barbara TurbayPhoto Credits: http://www.weheartit.com

I might not find the answers on why Miss World left her in their cellar BUT i am consoled with the thought that Barbara will forever be remembered as part of the elite group of BEAUTIFUL Miss World candidates!


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Kattera’s Fave List – Miss World 2012

A month full of activities and event challenges has passed and we saw 116 beautiful ladies gave their all in order to get a coveted spot in the finale. We saw how pre-arrival candidates were overshadowed by the “surprises” and the “underdogs”. Others were able to bounce back as the major event challenges were staged while there were few who never recovered. However, for pageant fans like me, it is a common knowledge that Miss World is unpredictable in its set of semifinalists and official winners. H*ll yeah, even the schedule of events and cities to visit were changed during the pageant proper! Thus, predicting it is a challenge that we all enjoy to take!

Here are my favorite candidates to win Miss World 2012😀 Good luck to all the ladies…

Miss World 2012: Jamaica (Deanna Robins)

My eyes were set on Deanna the moment she first stepped the Miss World stage. She possesses the qualities of a true Miss World: A genuine smile, a warm demeanor and a competitive spirit! Her biggest achievement is making in in almost all event challenges of the competition and even reaching the finalists group in two events. Her smile radiates in every picture and that smile can melt even the thickest glacier🙂

1st Princess: China (Wen Xia Yu)

Right on the heels of Deanna is Wen Xia Yu of China! The location might be in Ordos Inner Mongolia but it seems that it’s Ms. China who’s playing the hosting duties this year. Being the host is a double-edged sword – most of the time host countries are assured of a semifinalist slot but rarely wins the competition. However, I think that this lady was able to prove herself worthy of a semifinalist slot with her exceptional performance in the event challenges. She is also competitive but handles the pressure well. She is probably the most graceful candidate in the competition. She gives me a “respected-Chinese-lady” vibe and I am loving it!

2nd Princess: Mexico (Mariana Berumen Reynoso)

Mariana deserves a very high placement this year! She worked hard from Day 1; though it started really slow, she slowly transformed herself into a serious contender with an exceptional performance in the Top Model competition. She is a complete package: ethereal beauty, statuesque and intelligent! I really enjoyed her profile video😀 Mexico needs to win Miss World and Mariana is the perfect Mexican candidate to win!

Top 7

Australia (Jessica Michelle Kahawaty)

Perseverance and hard work pays off! Jessica represented Lebanon in Miss International but failed to win the crown. Others would say “That’s it!” but not her. Such an admirable spirit here! Jessica learned from her previous beauty pageant  experience and is now playing her cards well!

Brazil (Mariana Notarangelo)

Mariana is a silent killer. She were nowhere to be found when the pageant started but after slaying the competition in such a very low profile way, she went directly to the top and is now in everyone’s list. A finalist in both Beach Fashion and Top Model and a semifinalist in Talent, Mariana is convincing everyone and my guess is that we are all happy to obey😀 She has a pretty clear view of the crown so I will not be surprised seeing her wearing it tomorrow night!

Colombia (Barbara Turbay)

A classic beauty from the Americas, Barbara can easily claim the title of the Most Beautiful Candidate from the Americas this year! Her body is rockin’ with all those curves which made her a part of the Beach Fashion finalist set.

Philippines (Queenierich Rehman)

She was my top bet for the Miss World Philippines crown and I am very happy with her performance! She did a wonderful job as a finalist in the Talent event challenge but her inability to penetrate the Top Model & Beach Fashion finalist group might be a setback. Fans need not to worry though because Queenie has a wonderful personality and communicates really well with people thus I am guessing that she aced her interview.

Top 15

Wales (Sophie Elizabeth Moulds)

If Poland has the best lips, Wales has the best set of eyes in the competition. My friends know that I am a sucker of big-beautiful-expressive eyes and that is why I am very “addicted” to Sophie! She also has one of the best bodies in the competition🙂 I am rooting for her to win the Beach Fashion event challenge.

South Sudan (Atong Demach)

Atong’s star shone really bright when she joined Miss Earth. Now, it is even brighter! With a better styling and a handful of beauty pageant lessons, she is taking Ordos by storm. She is taking this competition seriously with a Finalist finish in Top Model. She will be in the semifinalist roster tomorrow!

Kazakhstan (Eugeniya Klishina)

She might not be as strong as Ms. Kazakhstan last year but Eugeniya is doing all the right things to assure herself a spot in the finale. After placing in all challenge events she is making sure that she keeps the sexiness for tomorrow’s big day (kidding!) but seriously, her innocent sex appeal is her strongest weapon!

Poland (Weronika Szmajdrinska)

Poland is my sentimental favorite this year! She is beautiful and her lips are to die for. She is a classy woman and she was not ignored by the organization. I will be very happy seeing the crown on her head!

South Africa (Remona Moodley)

South African candidates are successful in Miss World and Remona is not different. She might be perceived as “slower” in pace compare to other candidates but I think her biggest weapon is her personality and my gut is telling me that she would ace her interviews and be part of the list😀 We’ll see!

Venezuela (Gabriella Ferrari Peirano)

A pageant is NOT complete without a Ms. Venezuela in the finale! Gabriella’s sweet and appealing demeanor will not be ignored by the organization and the judges!

Spain (Aranzazu Estevez Godoy)

Her beauty is not the same with those of previous Ms Espana! And I am loving it. Her strengths are her beautiful face and catwalk skills. She seems to be enjoying a big advantage going to the finale with a strong finish in the Top Model event challenge.

Puerto Rico (Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colon)

What I love from this girl is her consistency! Put her in any situation and she can show you why she is worthy to be the next Miss World! The organization may have left her in the cold, excluding her from a finalist spot in any of the event challenger but her candids and videos are saying otherwise.

I wish everyone the best of luck later today and thank you girls for sharing your lives to all of us!!!


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Miss World 2012: Kattera’s Leader Board – August 12

2 challenge events were stage this week in Miss World 2012. We witnessed 16 ladies showcased their amazing talents and the sports challenged kept the ladies fit and energized. 5 ladies were declared as Talent finalists while the winners of the individual and group sporting events were also announced. Thus, there has been a lot of changes in our leader board. Let me highlight some here:

* Jamaica did very well in Talent (Top 5) and Sports (winning Relay Race with her group). Remember that she also placed in Top Model and Beach Fashion. I am sure that she is getting enough points to be recognized on the finale. You might want to remember that Jamaica is also performing well in Miss World. I am giving her the top spot for this week.

* Philippines and China are comfortably placed in our Top 5. These girls are part of the few candidates with biggest chance of moving into the semifinalist group during the finale and with higher chances of winning the crown! Both were declared as Talent finalists but they both failed to enter the sports challenge. Will this be a China vs Philippines finale?

* Colombia (unlike Mexico) retained her Top 5 placement because of a very strong placement in the sports challenge. Her inclusion in the dances of the world event also made a very good impression.

* Kazakhstan is a very pleasant surprise in our Top 5. She did well in all challenge events – being part of each event. She is slowly cleaning her way to the top. What she needs now is to ace her interviews in order to get a placement in the finale.

Here is our leader board for August 12. Thanks to http://www.missworld.com for the pictures:

(1) Jamaica – Deanna Robins

(2) Philippines – Queenierich Rehman

(3) China – Wenxia Uy

(4) Colombia – Barbara Turbay

(5) Kazakhstan – Eugeniya Klishina

(6) Australia – Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

(7) Brazil – Mariana Notarangelo

(8) Sweden – Sanna Jinnedal

(9) Macau – Winnie Sin

(10) Mexico – Mariana Berumen Reynoso

(11) Israel – Shani Hazan

(12) Latvia – Anastasija Skibunova

(13) Mongolia – Bayarmaa Huselbaatar

(14) Wales – Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

(15) Northern Ireland – Tiffany Brien

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Miss World 2012 (10th Update): The Sports & Fitness Challenge Event

So, we are done with some of the challenge events for Miss World 2012: Designer Award, Beach Fashion and Performing Talent. Now, I have some updates on the Sports and Fitness challenge. Miss World is probably the only international beauty pageant with a sports pre-pageant activity. However, the challenge just fits-in rightly since we are still withing the Olympics season😀

The candidates were divided into four groups. Each candidate went through individual challenges such as step-ups, sit ups, press ups, burpees and lunges. Independent adjudicators were tapped and they counted each successful manoeuvre. The results were then tallied. The six highest-scoring contestants from each group qualified for the finals where they will compete in some group and individual challenges. The finals for the Sports & Fitness challenge was today but as of press time, Miss World Org didn’t provide any update yet!

So, before I post here the 24 “fit & sporty” candidates who made it to the challenge’s finale, let me post some pictures that were taken during the elimination round:

Photo Credits: http://www.missworld.com

China (Wenxia Yu)

Costa Rica (Silvana Sanchez Jiminez)

Cyprus (Georgia Georgiou)

Germany (Martina Ivezaj)

Guadeloupe (Brigitte Golabkan)

Mexico (Mariana Berumen Reynoso)

Norway (Karoline Olsen)

Serbia (Bojana Lecic)

South Sudan (Atong Demach)

Vietnam (Hoangmy Vu)

Wales (Sophie Elizabeth Moulds)

You will really know a beauty queen when you see one! Look how graceful, glamorous and beautiful they are despite the sweat pants and even without make-up. Good job!

Now, Miss World Organization announced the 24 candidates who were the best from each group and will battle in the sports & fitness challenge event:

Group 1

Colombia (Barbara Turbay)
Northern Ireland (Tiffany Brien)
Barbados (Marielle Eoen Wilkie)
Scotland (Nicole Treacy)
Macau (Winnie Sin)
Austria (Amina Dagi)

Group 2

Dominican Republic (Saly Aponte Tejada)
Slovenia (Nives Oresnik)
Sweden (Sanna Jinnedal)
Hungary (Tamara Cserhati)
Jamaica (Deanna Robins)
Germany (Martina Ivezaj)

Group 3

Mexico (Mariana Berumen Reynoso)
Paraguay (Fiorella Migliore Llanes)
Kazakhstan (Eugeniya Klishina)
Portugal (Melanie Vicente)
Singapore (Karisa Sukamto)
Guyana (Arti Cameron)

Group 4

Turkey (Acalya Samyeli Danoglu)
Netherlands (Nathalie Den Dekker)
Guam (Jeneva Bosko)
England (Charlotte Homes)
Uganda (Phiona Bizzu)
Australia (Jessica Michelle Kahawaty)

Good luck to everyone and may the most fit & sporty woman wins😀


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Miss World 2012: Kattera’s Leader Board – August 5

Everyone, I am launching our own Leader Board🙂 This leader board will track progress of my favorite candidates leading to the creation of our FaveList. This will be updated every week to consider activities and various competition. For the week of August 5, here is my leader board considering the candidates who made impressions via the World Fashion Designer Awards, Beach Beauty & Top Model qualifiers as well as the Talent finalists:

(1) Colombia – Barbara Turbay

(2) China – Wenxia Yu

(3) Philippines – Queenierich Rehman

(4) Mexico – Mariana Berumen Reynoso

(5) Jamaica – Deanna Robins

(6) Wales – Sophie Elizabeth Moulds

(7) Brazil – Mariana Notarangelo

(8) Israel – Shani Hazan

(9) South Sudan – Atong Demach

(10) Kazakhstan – Eugeniya Klishina

(11) Mongolia – Bayarmaa Huselbaatar

(12) Ukraine – Karyna Zhyronkina

(13) Guadeloupe – Brigitte Golabkan

(14) Australia – Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

(15) Hong Kong – Hei Man Cheung

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