Miss World 2012 (10th Update): The Sports & Fitness Challenge Event

So, we are done with some of the challenge events for Miss World 2012: Designer Award, Beach Fashion and Performing Talent. Now, I have some updates on the Sports and Fitness challenge. Miss World is probably the only international beauty pageant with a sports pre-pageant activity. However, the challenge just fits-in rightly since we are still withing the Olympics seasonūüėÄ

The candidates were divided into four groups. Each candidate went through individual challenges such as step-ups, sit ups, press ups, burpees and lunges. Independent adjudicators were tapped and they counted each successful¬†manoeuvre. The results were then tallied. The six highest-scoring contestants from each group qualified for the finals where they will compete in some group and individual challenges. The finals for the Sports & Fitness challenge was today but as of press time, Miss World Org didn’t provide any update yet!

So, before I post here the 24 “fit & sporty” candidates who made it to the challenge’s finale, let me post some pictures that were taken during the elimination round:

Photo Credits: http://www.missworld.com

China (Wenxia Yu)

Costa Rica (Silvana Sanchez Jiminez)

Cyprus (Georgia Georgiou)

Germany (Martina Ivezaj)

Guadeloupe (Brigitte Golabkan)

Mexico (Mariana Berumen Reynoso)

Norway (Karoline Olsen)

Serbia (Bojana Lecic)

South Sudan (Atong Demach)

Vietnam (Hoangmy Vu)

Wales (Sophie Elizabeth Moulds)

You will really know a beauty queen when you see one! Look how graceful, glamorous and beautiful they are despite the sweat pants and even without make-up. Good job!

Now, Miss World Organization announced the 24 candidates who were the best from each group and will battle in the sports & fitness challenge event:

Group 1

Colombia (Barbara Turbay)
Northern Ireland (Tiffany Brien)
Barbados (Marielle Eoen Wilkie)
Scotland (Nicole Treacy)
Macau (Winnie Sin)
Austria (Amina Dagi)

Group 2

Dominican Republic (Saly Aponte Tejada)
Slovenia (Nives Oresnik)
Sweden (Sanna Jinnedal)
Hungary (Tamara Cserhati)
Jamaica (Deanna Robins)
Germany (Martina Ivezaj)

Group 3

Mexico (Mariana Berumen Reynoso)
Paraguay (Fiorella Migliore Llanes)
Kazakhstan (Eugeniya Klishina)
Portugal (Melanie Vicente)
Singapore (Karisa Sukamto)
Guyana (Arti Cameron)

Group 4

Turkey (Acalya Samyeli Danoglu)
Netherlands (Nathalie Den Dekker)
Guam (Jeneva Bosko)
England (Charlotte Homes)
Uganda (Phiona Bizzu)
Australia (Jessica Michelle Kahawaty)

Good luck to everyone and may the most fit & sporty woman winsūüėÄ


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Miss World 2012 (9th Update): Talent Competition Finals

The talent competition finale – a highlight of Miss World 2012 – has been staged tonight. As announced, 15 ladies were chosen as semi-finalists and were to perform their talents in front of thousands of audience. Here are some excerpts from the blogging coverage of http://www.missworld.com

Panama (Maricely Pomares)¬†–¬†takes the stage in a gorgeous gold and pink lame corset dress as the opening bars of Disney’s Colors of the Wind are heard.¬†She starts the song in English and her voice is clear and pure. As she hits the middle of the song – and some stunning high notes – she changes to Spanish. It’s such a lovely touch and the audience really enjoy it.

Latvia (Anastasia Skibunova)
–¬†She comes on stage to dramatic ballet music in a demure full-length white skirt and top combo complete with frothy hat that’s slightly My Fair Lasy in style. Suddenly the beat changes to an upbeat Spanish number and suddenly the outfits moves more freely and we see a glimps of kneepads! Ooh! what is in store?¬†Swan Lake music begins and the skirt is ripped off to reveal a netted tutu, then there’s more street dance vibe and the tutu comes off to reveal a leotard and some knee pads. It’s a veritable whirlwind of dance. Ther music segues back to Swan Lake and a Flash Dance style drop to the stage floor is her dramatic finale. A very talented and versatile dancer indeed!

St. Kitts & Nevis (Marksya O’Loughlin)¬†dazzling in a red sequinned gown, she takes the stage and the happy upbeat tune of Viva St Kitts fills the auditorium and the audience can’t help but wiggle in their seats!¬†She’s beaming as she plays and there’s a bit of dnacing going on there as well! You can’t help but smile as the audience clap along.

Macau (Winnie Sin) she takes the stage for the Lonely Tango. The music is dramatic and melancholy. in a delicate tutu she gracefully pirouettes with featherlight steps towards a lone chair placed centre stage. The heart of the performance is her fluid movement and the exquisitely expressive gestures and facial expressions. She is completely immersed in the song.

Sierra Leone (Vanessa Williams) 
–¬†‘I Surrender’ fills the auditorium as she walks slowly centre stage in a dazzling cream and bronze sequinned gown.¬†She draws the audience in with the emotion in her face, singing to the rafters and making eye contact with the audience. The song builds to a dramatic crescendo and her voice soars. As the closing bars fade the crowd bursts into applause.

Denmark (Iris Thomsen) 
she appears and faces away from the audience until her music strikes up, she slowly turns and walks centre stage and her movements are fluid and seamless but dramatic. She moves across every bit os the stage with her routine. Hair whipping the air, arms wheeling and she takes to the air with a series of leaps. The soundtrack sings of overcoming frustration and sadness and her immersion in her dance make for a powerful and moving spectacle. She ends with a triumphant smile and hand upraised to the sky.

Norway (Karoline Owen)¬†–¬†The gentle guitar intro of Autumn leaves begins and she¬†crosses the stage.¬†Her voice is soft but piercing and the way she plays round with the notes is astounding.¬†It’s simply beautiful, the strength yet the fragility in her voice has the audience captivated.

Kazakhstan (Eugeniya Klishina)¬†–¬†strides onstage in a striking ensemble, all white full-length with a black hem. Haunting operatic music fills the auditorium and she floats across stage like a wraith, costume billowing as she moves.¬†As she falls to the stage, suddenly as though emerging from a chrysalis she sheds her white exterior and she is wearing a black leotard with black cloth wings which she whirls like a moth. it’s hypnotic to watch, she breaks into a smile as the audience applauds.

Paraguay (Fiorella Migliore Llanes)¬†–¬†A carved and ornate harp is brought onstage followed by her willowy figure¬†in a delicate gossamer-like white slip dress. Silence descends and the gentle but distinct sound of the strings floats over the audience before bubbling up in a flurry of notes.¬†She makes the harp sound almost menacing at some points and then the tempo picks up and her fingers fly so precisely amongst the strings. The chords build until suddenly they drop away and leaver a single note hovering in the air, and the applause of the audience erupts.

US Virgin Islands (Taiesa Lashley)¬†–¬†walks on in a to-die-for champagne halterneck sequinned gown and Adele’s song ‘Someone Like You’ sounds. Her voice piercwes the auditorium with it’s power. She’s wonderful to watch and really emotes the song, connecting with the audience. She gets really warm applause.

Mongolia (Bayarmaa Huselbaatar)¬†–¬†stalks on stage in a sassy black shorts and tee combo and the HIGHEST HEELS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! She exudes confidence and stalks around the stage when suddenly…….¬†….oh no! Mongolia has fallen over… but wait! over the speakers comes the sound of laughter and we start to suspect this isn’t all it appears to be. She looks scared but then throws her shoes aside and with a look of defiance begins a series of punchy, quick and complicated manouvres! it’s gymnastic, bold and the audience goes wild!! It makes the point of the dance, don’t be embarrassed or afraid of anything!¬†

Philippines (Queenierich Rehman)¬†¬†Now for something very unique, our first beat boxer with just a mike. She,¬†in a slinky black fringed catsuit, sings the opening lines of a ballad and THEN….¬†it sounds as if a drum machine has come on, but NO! it’s her!! Drum beats, remixing noises, scratching and beeping noises! She does it all! The tempo picks up, everyone is astounded, they’re going mad!! She breaks into Usher’s Yeah! which goes down so well. She hits us with some actual drumrolls and drops her voice oto a growl. Jaws hit the floor and the crowd go wild!¬†The host invites her down to the crowd to teach some beatboxing to a lucky audience member! The crowd cheer as they perform a duet.

Curacao (Stephanie Chang) 
–¬†cuts a striking silhouette in traditional Flamenco costume, a black dress with an explosion of tiers below the knee and artfully styled hair with blood-red bloom afixed. The guitar starts strumming and the clapping beats come in. Her red fan waves and her arms move fluidly but her feet stamp sharply and precisely.¬†She strikes poses with total confidence, making eye contact with the audience. It’s a seductive dance and it holds the audience spellbound. She whirls and then the feet stamp and the crowd love it.

China (Wenxia Yu)¬†–¬†glides onstage in a red gown with jewelled waist. Huge roar from the crowd. Her voice is high and lilting and fills every corner of the theatre. A poignant performance, her vocal range is incredible. she hits high notes with ease. it’s awe inspiring and very accomplished.¬†Huge applause, the audience are simply in awe.

Jamaica (Deanna Robins) 
–¬†The familiar opening chords of Bob Marley’s Redemption Song sound and she¬†appears in a dazzling sequinned headband with a black leotard striped with the Jamaican national colours.¬†She is lithe and gazelle-like doing splits and moving so fluidly, plus the joy on her face is captivating. She moves between the stage floor and then arcs heavenward with a series of leaps. Though it’s graceful it’s also incredibly boisturous and fun and the audience are awestruck!

Brazil (Mariana Notarangelo) 
–¬†is WOW in a Carmen Miranda homage outfit. A silver sequinned full length skirt and crop top but the piece de resistance is the hat which overflows with tropical blooms and fruits.¬†She sings and sways to the South American music, cries of Aye yai yai, the whole performance is fun and fresh, feet everywhere are tapping along! Our host invites the audience to join in before she exits the stage

Info & Photo Credits: http://www.missworld.com

The pictures that you’ve seen above were taken before the finale, when the candidates were interviewed to talk about their talents.

Together with the Talent Finale, some chosen candidates also presented their traditional dances. Dubbed as Dances of the World, these candidates will take the center stage and present their dances wearing fabulous costumes. These are the chosen candidates who participated in the Dances of the World:

Honduras (Jennifer Giselle Valle Morel)

Kenya (Shamim Fauz Ali)

Hong Kong (Hei Man Cheung)

Australia (Jessica Michelle Kahawaty)

Peru (Giuliana Zevallos)

Sri Lanka (Sumudu Prasadini Wijesinghe)

England (Charlotte Holmes)

Colombia (Barbara Turbay)

Puerto Rico (Janelee Marcus Chaparro Colon)

Nigeria (Damiete Charles-Granville)

Venezuela (Gabriella Ferrari Peirano)

Japan (Nozomi Igarashi)

Italy (Jessica Bellinghieri)

Angola (Edmilza Nicosia Mota Santos)

Mauritius (Shalini Devi Panchoo

Aruba (Lucianette Verhoeks)

Before the show ended, the Top 5 Finalists were announced. Same as the beachwear fashion finale, my guess is that the winners will be declared on the Coronation Night. However, I would like to thank the following ladies for being in the Top 5ūüėÄ






Photo Credits: weibo.com/liuyanmo & http://www.missosology.org/forum/

If you will ask me, this is a toss between Philippines & China!!!


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Miss World 2012 (8th Update): Talent Competition Finalists Announced!

Miss World Organization (MWO) announced the finalists in their Talent Competition. The competition is scheduled on August 10, 2012. This means that these ladies will be presenting their talents for the judges and a winner will be announced. If MWO will follow the same process that they used in Miss World 2011, ladies will be earning points as they participate in different competitions – Beach Beauty, Top Model, Sports & Fitness, Talent, Beauty with a Purpose & just this year, Multimedia. Thus, it is important for a certain candidate to accumulate as many points as possible so that in the finale, they will be receiving a bigger score. So, here are the ladies who qualified for the Talent Competition finals:

(Mariana Notarangelo)

China PR
(Wenxia Yu)

(Stephanie Rose Chang)

(Iris Reuben Adler Thomsen)

(Deanna Robins)

(Eugeniya Klishina)

(Anastasija Skibunova)

(Winnie Sin)

(Bayarmaa Huselbaatar)

(Karoline Owen)

(Maricely del Carmen Gonzalez Pomares)

(Fiorella Migliore Llanes)

(Queenierich Rehman)

Sierra Leone
(Vanessa Ethleen Yvonne Williams)

St. Kitts & Nevis
(Markysa O’Loughlin)

Good luck to the ladies!

May the most talented woman winsūüėÄ


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