Kattera’s Fave List – Miss Universe 2012

I write this post with such a very heavy heartūüė¶ The two weeks of euphoric feelings have come to an end! It was short, as short as a weekend escapade. And as my last post before a new Miss Universe is crowned, let me share to you my favorites.

This year is extra special for some reasons (1) This is the first time that the pageant is staged during the Holidays –¬†balancing my blogging tasks with work and with holiday parties was such a feat (2) The girls (some of them) had the longest preparation because of the pageant schedule thus we are seeing topnotch performance from them this year and (3) There are handful of countries which raised their antes this year – these are the countries which fans regularly ignore but surprisingly sent competitive ladies this year. Taking into consideration these factors, I’ll be very honest with you when I say that except for a few “locked” personal favorites, I have a very fluid fave list. As I encode these words, I am still stuck with 24 ladiesūüė¶ What is frustrating to think is the fact that if you I will base my favelist on Preliminary Performance, I will be left with around 10 ladies only. A lot of favorite girls were weak during the preliminaries BUT I also know that I can’t shut them out because they are simply breath-taking! Without further ado, here are my favorite candidates:

Photo Credits: Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP

These are the ladies that can penetrate my Top 16 anytime!!!

Turkey (Cagil Ozge Ozkul)

I was surprised by her Preliminary performance. Solid body and solid catwalk can propel her to a semifinalist position. She has a very weak sash though which makes me hesitant.

Aruba (Liza Helder)

Another silent killer, Liza may not be in everyone’s favorite list BUT she proved to all fans that she can handle herself among the favorites. Even her national costume was amazing – a proof that she is on the upper league!

Jamaica (Chantal Zaky)

I really think that the “black” delegation this year is rather weak. Probably because I am comparing each candidate to Leila’s performance last year. However, during the preliminaries, I can’t deny the fact that Jamaica sold her performance just enough to flyūüôā

Mexico (Karina Gonzalez)

I have nothing but disappointment with Karina. Her preliminary performance was an insult. It hurts so much knowing that she can deliver way more than what my front runners can give. She is ONLY in my list because of my love for her!

Brazil (Gabriela Markus)

Unlike Mexico, I have nothing but praises for Gabriela. She is such a wonderful woman both in pictures and videos. I will be very happy seeing her in the Top 16.


16th Place: Croatia (Elizabeta Burg)

She is in every one’s Top 5!!! But I really don’t understand the fuss especially after seeing her preliminary performance. Her walk was not even “normal”. The only reason why she is her is the fact that I can’t deny that gorgeous face. If we will only base the results on the ladies’ facial beauties then Croatia will definitely be on top!

15th Place: Czech Republic (Tereza Chlebovska)
Czech Republic

I really want her to be placed higher than this. Her face is ethereal and you all know how fond I am with wonderful piercing eyes. Her walk is competitive as well and based on her interviews, her personality shines. My concern is her body which is not really ideal with those protruding bones. Remember Miss USA last year?!?

14th Place: Australia (Renae Ayris)

If I can only push her to the top then I will. She used to be in my top 5 because I love her versatility. She is demure on stage but she can give us “hotness” if needed. My only concern, which is the reason for the placement, is her play-safe performance during the preliminaries. It was underwhelming!

13th Place: China (Ji Dan Xu)

A very pleasant surprise for me from China! She might be facially behind Luo Zilin (Miss Universe China 2011) but her elegance and finesse is superb. What sealed her placement was her preliminary performance which was just the right amount needed to overcome the first cut. She is also a plausible candidate as an “MUO Pick”.

12th Place: Finland (Sara Yasmina Chafak)

She was nowhere to be found in my pre-arrival list. During the first few days, she was nothing but an ordinary candidate. However, days before the preliminaries, she started to warm up. With the best timing, she grew and flew right during the preliminaries! I love how she risked her performance with the hate-it or love-it gown and the unique hairstyle BUT everything paid off with what I consider a topnotch performance.

11th Place: Georgia (Tamar Shedania)

I am very happy for Georgia!!! They have a true gemūüėÄ She is priceless… Her face might not be everyone’s cup of tea BUT over-all she is a very competitive lady. Another plausible candidate as an “MUO Pick”.


10th Place: Malaysia (Kimberley Leggett)
(My Fan Vote Winner)

I am very happy how Malaysia gained every fans’ love. She started as an Asian candidate with lesser expectations because of her sash. Then, I noticed her in different blogs but only because of the hype of her countrymen. Then the official pictures came out which made everyone take a second look. And her preliminary performance sealed the deal! With or without the fan vote, I think that she will revenge Deborah’s cold-blunt exclusion last year.

9th Place: Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)
Cayman Islands

Another surprise candidate from a rather weak sash! Year after year, Cayman Islands sends out just our regular candidate. Suddenly, just like a lightning flash, a gorgeous lady emerged as their representative. People comments that she is very raw BUT that is what I love about her! She is raw and malleable. Surprisingly, her preliminary performance was strong enough to go neck-to-neck with the favorites.

8th Place: Netherlands (Nathalie den Dekker)

Nathalie has a Miss World experience under her belt which is the reason why I am not surprised on her superb preliminary performance. Her body is so strong which qualifies her as a strong contender in the Best in Swimsuit award (if there is any). I love that Netherlands sent her after Kelly’s amazing performance last year.

7th Place: Philippines (Janine Tugonon)

One of the most famous candidates this year, Janine has legion of fans and detractors. Me?!? You all know that she was not my favorite during Bb. Pilipinas 2012 and I still don’t like her. I can always say negatively BUT because of my respect for my country’s representative, I did shut up – ignoring her was probably the best act I did. I am putting her in my list not also because of my loyalty to my country but because she did excel during the preliminaries and I acknowledge how she transformed over the past few months. Her evening gown performance is her biggest hurdle. If she can overcome it then she will surely give the Philippines a Top 5 “Threepeat”.

6th Place: USA (Olivia Culpo)

I declared it at the onset of the competition and fortunately, I still stand by my claim that she is the face of Miss Universe 2012. Her face is unforgettable! Such a classic face – you will be contented staring at her face all day long – yeah, that type of face! Her preliminary evening gown performance was horrific thus she went down from my Top 5.

Top 5

4th Runner-up: Venezuela (Irene Esser)

Some fans may criticize her for what they deem as some “inappropriate” behavior during the pageant BUT i say that she is just having fun. Her personality is what makes her unique. What I love about Irene is her ability to shift personalities – the quirky personality offstage, the temptress personality onstage and the classic beauty in pictures.

3rd Runner-up: South Africa (Melinda Bam)
South Africa

She is the most prepared delegate this year – probably the girl who wants the crown the most! I adore her for that. She is giving me this impression that Miss Universe is not just a competition for her, it’s war! Fortunately for her, she brought out the big guns – undeniably ethereal beauty, fierce attitude, excellent catwalk and banging sexy body! What turned me off her cold sometimes distant personality which is the reason why she has to settle in this position

2nd Runner-up: Puerto Rico (Bodine Koehler)
Puerto Rico

The girl who captured my heart the day I saw her!!! I am happy to see her compete. You know what made me happier?!? The fact that she did not touch her nose which for me is her lucky charm. Because of that quirky nose, she seems to me as the Imperfectly Perfect candidate. Let’s not discuss the body nor the walk because I can’t complainūüėÄ

1st Runner-up: Ecuador (Carolina Aguirre)

She is my pre-arrival favorite! She is nothing but the ultimate barbie doll. Oh, how I adore her lips, so luscious that I want them for the holidays… Ecuador is improving their game in the Big 4 pageants. She is by far the strongest Miss Ecuador ever sent to Miss Universe!

Miss Universe 2012: France (Marie Payet)

Aaaaah! My personal favorite for the past two weeks. I can’t hardly contain my love for Marie! From the day she was declared as the 2nd runner-up of Miss France to the announcement that she will compete in Miss Universe to her rather safe pictures until her subdued yet topnotch preliminary performance, she seems destined for the crown! Win or lose, Marie proved to the whole world that perseverance is the key!!! I just love her!!!

There you go, after 3 gruesome hours! I hope you enjoy reading this post…

The best of luck to all the 89 candidates!!!


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“Shine Bright Like Diamonds” (A Special Feature)

They say that the Holidays is¬†the season of¬†sharing. However, sharing doesn’t just mean material things but you can also share a smile, a hug and most especially, love. And this Holiday, I am sharing to you something (or rather someone) special – something that I treasure the most – a friend. Let me introduce to you¬†to a¬†close friend of mine. This is his first time to write in a beauty pageant blog so i am ecstatic!
I have a lot of friends but only a few of them share my love for beauty pageants and Gnash is one of them. I’ve known¬†him for¬†a couple of¬†years already and these years are marked with¬†undending¬†beauty¬†pageant conversations which I treasure the most. I am aware that¬†Gnash is an amazing writer¬† and i have been prodding him to¬†write his own blog. I am a big fan of his short essays and I can’t wait for the day that he will publish those.¬†Below are his favorite Miss¬†Universe 2012 candidates and he wrote it with so much passion and raw talent! Happy Holidays everyone!
”¬†Shine Bright Like Diamonds”
My Miss Universe 2012 Favorites
by: Gnash
It took me a while to masticate each thought in my digestion if I can confidently post my¬†bets¬†for Miss Universe 2012 simply because¬†I don’t know how to make this entry very interesting.¬†¬†Inspired by¬†Rihanna’s¬†Diamonds,¬†I got¬†an inspiration¬†to¬†write¬†this 11th-hour article.¬†I was¬†struck with the first¬†line “Shine Bright like a diamond”¬† and I think for the candidates to be on top,¬†she must be¬†like a diamond, indeed.¬†— must¬†be remarkably lustrous, must be radiantly beautiful and¬†must¬†be a¬†reflecting light as a¬†woman of substance. Hence, these are my standards why I came up with my Top 16.
Photo Credits (candidates): http://www.missuniverse.com
16th Place: France (Marie Payet)
Her cheekbones says it all. It fortifies her self confidence and virginal glow. No wonder why I almost fell in love with her on the first few days of the competition. I can feel some hesitations thus the placement.
Photo Credits: http://www.indulgy.com
15th Place: Ecuador (Carolina Aguirre)
A-N-G-E-L-I-C. A word that would best describe Carolina’s pictures. She’s effortless, stunning and have the flawless skin¬†among the¬†few. A lot might say to tone down a bit of her smile but I think it’s her way of bringing a care free, sunny disposition in the competition. Maybe she already have the idea that she can bring the crown soon.
14th Place: Jamaica (Chantal Zaky)
Chantal’s motivation in the competition is pretty obvious. She’s glamorous and regent.¬†I like how she balance every thing she does from her pictures, to her walk and even on how she answer questions¬†.
13th Place: Czech Republic (Tereza Chleboska)
¬†I’d be phony if I deny¬†that I do¬†not love her.¬†Who would not¬†fall in love in¬†her¬†barbie-like features, that sultry face and fierce eyes?¬†The crown is the only thing that is needed.¬†But¬†don’t be easily decieved with her European features,¬†Tereza¬†must¬†pay attention on her angles and how she flaunts her¬†manly hips.

12th Place: Poland (Marcelina Zawadzka)
She must be blessed to have beauty that could calm an overactive mind. I super love how she uses those piercing eyes when she strut. Although, this must be seen in her vision and the way she thinks because sometimes her beauty is senseless.
11th Place: Tanzania (Winfrida Dominic)
Her gem is a¬†proof why she’s a dark horse in this competition.¬†Her beauty defies the stereotypical view about feminine beauty which I think an audacious¬†way to win and a good strategy to attract love from the crowd.¬†Yes, she got those alluring eyes and lips but¬†I¬†still see her¬†to be more of high fashion world.
10th Place: Venezuela (Irene Esser)
The reason why I describe her as an amethyst is not because of her resemblance to it but a note that she must take carefully. She must not be complacent of her royal-ness. And if she knows how to tone down a bit of her dispositions, she will definitely prove that Venezuela is the home of beauty queens.
9th Place: Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)
She was not that remarkable at first but I like the fact that I’m starting to love her already. Her beauty and personality is very interesting, it crates lightness of spirit. She’s definitely an illuminata!
8th Place: USA (Olivia Culpo)
¬†It’s her homecourt and a lot would think that she’ll be in top 5 but not me. I’ve always thought of her as a quartz or¬†¬†“a poor man’s diamond.” She is very rich in every way except for material value which I think she has to work hard for her to have the crown. Her material value would mean not to try so hard but keep her cool and let her amazing bubbly personality¬†do the talking. Or else I’ll be seeing Rose Byrne’s role in Bridesmaid in a beauty pageant.
7th Place: Australia (Renae Ayris)
For me, Renae is the perfect winner of Miss Universe 2012. She’s a goddess and has a statuesque figure. Her fierceness has a life-giving property which water possess. But why is she lifeless¬†on stage? Ugh! She must have courage to bring in vibrancy and wow us by her amiability.
6th Place: Russia (Elizabeth Golovanova)
I have never seen a determined  lady  than  Elizabeth, other candidates must be threatened since she is DAMN good. Elizabeth,  a Russian Rapunzel, got a face that could launch a thousand ships. I like the thought that experts are insecure with her monstrous hair. They say that is distracts the whole symmetry of her beauty but i think it adds her being feisty!
4th Runner-up: Philippines (Janine Tugonon)
Janine is an under dog but I salute her courage and determination¬†in choosing her battles and walking the talk.¬†¬†Fans¬†don’t like her body structure and think¬†that she¬†lacks¬†the¬†¬†wow factor¬†but¬†take note of those¬†killer walks during the preliminaries.¬†She is in the zone, darling. hehehe
3rd Runner-up: Puerto Rico (Bodine Koehler)
 When a girl wears pearl, it symbolizes the best within her  and gives insight into how she appears to others Рand this defines Bodine. She definitely prepared a lot. Her body can burn the whole Puerto Rico and has face that can prrrrrrr that string off. Clearly, the leader of the pack and has a very high chance to become the Miss Universe  2012.

Photo Credits: fashiontrends.pk
2nd Runner-up: South Africa (Melinda Bam)
It’s her destiny to win as what her gem said, “The Stone of Destiny” This girl did not surprise me at all. I’ve been eyeing her before the competition¬†¬†began¬†because of her total package. Everything about her is positive. Her body and beauty are simply perfect but one thing that is exquisite of her is her vision — that being pretty is the least thing you must have in a beauty pageant.
1st Runner-up: Croatia (Elizabeta Burg)
She is the most powerful gem in the universe! This Merinda Kerr-inspired look is not for Victoria Secret only. And I promise¬†not to¬†define her physically¬†with¬†that (which I guess it’s pretty obvious) Even from the start of the competition, she already have a RED-der vision which¬†will¬†make her to be People’s Choice. Go Croatia!
Photo Credits: http://www.123rf.com
Miss Universe 2012: Malaysia (Kimberley Leggett)
I am hopeful that Kimberley will make history. Malaysia’s last placement¬†was¬†1970 (a very distant one)¬†but wait, brace yourself as this sweet Malay can turn your faves upside down. I love her persistence and innocence, which for me is a true quality of¬†a diamond, the hardest yet the most valued. She has been exuding great aura of being a winner and has a beauty that can transform the world.
Photo Credits: http://www.mining.com
About the Author:
Hello! I am Gnash and I am extraordinary… in my world.¬†I love spending the¬†weekends¬†all ALONE. Typically, I¬†indulge myself to DVD marathons¬†or watching¬†movies. I read, write and eat voraciously. And I usually end it having dinner in an overlooking place with a cup of milk tea — My Complete Happiness!
I’m¬†intoxicated with fashion and music and dreamed of having a mini stint with it. (oh! dream on)¬†Also, had a¬†few¬†of hosting experiences and was featured in some local TV shows before.¬†Some¬†sweet little¬†things I¬†like to¬†do¬†before going to¬†sleep (probably around 12 midnight) is to text all of my contacts with their names and if they respond, I’ll never replied back¬†^_^Moreover, I am as strong as my weakness.¬†Live gracefully!

Miss Universe 2012 (25th Update): The Girls in Motion!!!

I am actually going through the initial interview videos of the girls. While scanning, I saw the following videos in the Official YouTube Channel of Miss Universe Organization. I am posting them because of 2 things:

(1) I want you to closely observe the ladies! Look at how they move, talk, walk and check their body language. Judgement should NOT only be based on pictures!

(2) Look at the ladies who were featured in the videos and those ladies who were included in the promo videos. Will this be significant in their quests for the crown?

Video Credits: OfficialMissUniverse of http://www.youtube.com

Australian Gold Promo Video

* Georgia (Tamar Shedania) seemed too thin in the video?!? Why?!?

* Netherlands (Nathalie den Dekker) is telegenic with that megawatt smile…

* Philippines’ (Janine Tugonon) dance was WTF?!? But she was an exotic Filipina beauty there. She had this classic vibe!

* Brazil (Gabriela Markus) was as cute as a button… So much personality!

Kooey Australia Promo Video

* The Asian representatives were on fire – Malaysia (Kimberley Leggett), Japan (Ayako Hara), Singapore (Lynn Tan), Thailand (Nutpimon Farida Waller) and Sri Lanka (Sabrina Herft). Malaysia owned this for me!

* Paraguay’s (Egni Eckert) body is sinful…

* Turkey (Cagil Ozge Ozkul), South Africa (Melinda Bam) and Ecuador (Carolina Aguirre) made my day in those no-fuss/no-print swimwear proving that they don’t need drama — THEY ARE THE DRAMA!

Miss Universe 2012 Welcome Event

* Puerto Rico (Bodine Koehler) opened the video with so much elegance and grace!

* Czech Republic (Tereza Chlebovska) & Ecuador looked so ferociously fresh!

* Finland’s (Sara Yasmina Chafak) close-up was a revelation! Gorgeous faceūüôā

* Chile (Ana Luisa Konig) looked dead in her catwalk. It makes me sadūüė¶

* USA (Olivia Culpo) was a teenybopper that night.

* Irene Backstage vs Irene Onstage – Which do you prefer?

* Cayman Island (Lindsay Japal) ends the video on a high note! Crossing my fingers!!!

Fashion Lingerie & Swimwear Shoot

* This is Philippines’ shining moment!!! You’ll forget about everyone else!!!

The idea [was] for the girls to be fashionable. I [wanna] look them more “model-ly” – Fadil Berisha


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Miss Universe 2012 (24th Update): The Ladies at Caesar’s Pure Nightclub

With barely a week before the BIG finale, the ladies are still busy with activities. 15 ladies were asked to visit Caesar’s Pure Nightclub to shoot a TV spot. It might look to rehearsed since its a TV show but I am hoping that the ladies are enjoying every second of the competition. Here are some of the pictures:

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com (Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP)

Colombia (Daniella Alvarez Vasquez)

I love the idea that I am slowly falling in love with her!

Bolivia (Yessica Mouton)

Another possible dark horse!

Estonia (Natalie Komeitsik)

Namibia (Tsakana Nkandih) & Nigeria (Isabella Ojong AYuk)

Indonesia (Maria Selena) & Italy (Grazia Pinto)

Italy is looking good! She’s coming out really strong…

Costa Rica (Nazareth Cascante), Canada (Adwoa Yamoah)
& Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)

Cayman Islands is such a sweetie!

Colombia, Vietnam (Diem Huong Luu),
Guatemala (Laura Godoy Calle) & Bolivia

This is a very nice pic… Everyone has her own share of spotlight!

Costa Rica, Canada, Cayman Islands & Guatemala

Ethiopia (Helen Getachew), Indonesia, Italy & Costa Rica

Oh Maria Selena! You’re just glowing….


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Miss Universe 2012 (17th Update): Rehearsals!!!

This post is breaking my heart, honestly! The competition started just last week but they are already on rehearsals today. Pre-pageant competition is this Thursday which signals the Finaleūüė¶ Sigh! Anyhoo, lemme share to you some of the pics behind the rehearsals today. These include pictures of my ultimate “idol” – Lu Sierra who is the Fashion Walk Consultant of Miss Universe Organization. Oh how I love to meet her one day and probably talk about previous candidates’ lousy walks – probably over a cup of coffee… It’ll be nice if Paula Shugart can join us… Lol! Just dreamin…

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com (Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP)

Lu Sierra and the MU Ladies

Australia (Renae Ayris)

Renae is looking good… I’m pretty confident of her placement!

Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)

She is not fashionable at all…

Costa Rica (Nazareth Cascante)

Gabon (Channa Divouvi)

Guyana (Ruqayyah Boyer)

India (Shilpa Singh)

Honey, this is Miss Universe and not a yoga session!

Jamaica (Chantal Zaky)

Nigeria (Isabella Ojong Ayuk)

Singapore (Lynn Tan)

Why wear this if you’re in a Miss Universe competition? I don’t care if its the rehearsals… Remember, this is a beauty pageant!

South Africa (Melinda Bam)

She is sooo IN! That is a winning aura there..

St. Lucia (Tara Edward)

Tanzania (Winfrida Dominic)

I am starting to fall in love with her!

USA (Olivia Culpo)

Vietnam (Diem Huong Luu)


Bulgaria(Zhana Yaneva), Romania (Delia Monica Duca)
& Trinidad and Tobago (Avionne Mark)

Japan (Ayako Hara) & Korea (Sung-hye Lee)

Belgium (Laura Beyne), France (Marie Payet) & Costa Rica

France stood out!

Venezuela (Irene Esser), Uruguay (Camila Vezzoso), USA & Vietnam

USA & Vietnam… Irene looks like a hot mess here!

Netherlands (Nathalie den Dekker), Namibia (Tsakana Nkandih), Angola (Marcelina Vahekeni) & Paraguay (Egni Eckert)

Paraguay owned this shot!

Dominican Republic (Dulcita Lieggi),
Norway (Sara Nicole Andersen) & Nicaragua (Farah Eslaquit Cano)

LOL at Norway!

Are you feeling the same way?!? Bittersweet huh!


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My Top 10 Best Swimwear Shots – Miss Universe 2012

I already posted by Favorite Portrait Shots HERE! Now, i am ready to share to you my Top 10 Favorite Swimwear Shots. Clad in their sizzling hot bikini, the candidates of Miss Universe gave it all in front of the camera. As I went through the pictures several times, i’ve been on the look-out for confidence, toned bodies, sex appeal and that winning aura. So here are the ladies:

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse.com

10th Place: USA (Olivia Culpo)

Olivia is the face of the competition… Apart from her toned body and the killer waistline, she made sure that everyone will see with that direct-to-the-camera pose, what made this picture so unforgettable is the angle of her head that highlighted her jawline. What a wonderful sight…

9th Place: Ukraine (Anastasia Chernova)

It’s twice in a row for Ukraine – also placing in my best portrait shot list. I just can’t get over her! Don’t be fooled by that innocent face because neck down, she is smoking hot! I’ve seen her in the same swimsuit fronting the camera but I was not convinced, that body tilt and flick of hair made this picture magical…

8th Place: France (Marie Payet)

I am uber crazy with Marie’s swimsuit shot… I am not familiar on how her swimsuit is called BUT she definitely looks good on it. She is not just sexy her but I love the confidence and the class that it brought to the whole picture.

7th Place: Brazil (Gabriela Markus)

What’s the use of a best swimsuit shot list if Brazil is not part of it! Bikinis are surely part of Brazilian ladies’ lives… This is evident in her picture. You can’t find any hint of awkwardness. It’s just confidence all over her face knowing that she is in her best fighting form here!

6th Place: Cayman Islands (Lindsay Japal)

She is the best representative of Cayman Islands to Miss Universe so far! And she didn’t disappoint in her swimsuit shot! Look at how comfortable she is in those bikini yet her aura screams innocence. I love the juxtaposition hereūüôā

5th Place: Venezuela (Irene Esser)

Osmel must be in heaven seeing Irene’s swimsuit shot! This is solid strong… If she gave us a classic look in her portrait shot, a sexy vixen is all I can think of after staring gazillion times in this photo.

4th Place: Ecuador (Carolina Aguirre)

I got disappointed on her after a rather disappointing arrival. However, her picture here is what you call as redemption. Everything looks so simple with so little drama BUT the over-all shot is deadly. One of the best bodies in the competition!

3rd Place: South Africa (Melinda Bam)

Melinda is NOT playing around. She is probably the most determined contestant we have in Vegas now. Look at how committed she is in that facial expression and her consistency in pictures (both shoots & candids) is being recognized by every Miss Universe fan. Even her fingertips are screaming sexy!

2nd Place: Chile (Ana Luisa Konig)

A friend of mine asked me if i’m serious with my choice of Chile! DEFINITELY, I replied… It’s not just her toned body and gorgeous face that made this picture extra special. Look at how her body tells us a story… Look at the crossing of her legs… Look at how she stared at the camera… It’s the flow of emotions that made me so addicted at this picture…

1st Place: Russia (Elizabeth Golovanova)

EXPENSIVE! That’s how I will describe this swimsuit shot. I was not a fan of her hair when I saw her in action during the fashion show at the welcome event. However, the same hair is the main reason why this picture is selling. Look at how it added flare and drama. Her one-piece suit also made her look uber sexy. And please, let us not talk about that stare… It gives me the chill…


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