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Kattera’s Fave List – Miss Universe 2012

I write this post with such a very heavy heart­čśŽ The two weeks of euphoric feelings have come to an end! It was short, as short as a weekend escapade. And as my last post before a new Miss Universe is crowned, let me share to you my favorites. This year is extra special for… Continue reading Kattera’s Fave List – Miss Universe 2012

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“Shine Bright Like Diamonds” (A Special Feature)

They say that the Holidays is┬áthe season of┬ásharing. However, sharing doesn’t just mean material things but you can also share a smile, a hug and most especially, love. And this Holiday, I am sharing to you something (or rather someone) special – something that I treasure the most – a friend. Let me introduce to… Continue reading “Shine Bright Like Diamonds” (A Special Feature)

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Miss Universe 2012 (25th Update): The Girls in Motion!!!

I am actually going through the initial interview videos of the girls. While scanning, I saw the following videos in the Official YouTube Channel of Miss Universe Organization. I am posting them because of 2 things: (1) I want you to closely observe the ladies! Look at how they move, talk, walk and check their… Continue reading Miss Universe 2012 (25th Update): The Girls in Motion!!!

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Miss Universe 2012 (24th Update): The Ladies at Caesar’s Pure Nightclub

With barely a week before the BIG finale, the ladies are still busy with activities. 15 ladies were asked to visit Caesar’s Pure Nightclub to shoot a TV spot. It might look to rehearsed since its a TV show but I am hoping that the ladies are enjoying every second of the competition. Here are… Continue reading Miss Universe 2012 (24th Update): The Ladies at Caesar’s Pure Nightclub

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Miss Universe 2012 (17th Update): Rehearsals!!!

This post is breaking my heart, honestly! The competition started just last week but they are already on rehearsals today. Pre-pageant competition is this Thursday which signals the Finale­čśŽ Sigh! Anyhoo, lemme share to you some of the pics behind the rehearsals today. These include pictures of my ultimate “idol” – Lu Sierra who is… Continue reading Miss Universe 2012 (17th Update): Rehearsals!!!

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My Top 10 Best Swimwear Shots – Miss Universe 2012

I already posted by Favorite Portrait Shots HERE! Now, i am ready to share to you my Top 10 Favorite Swimwear Shots. Clad in their sizzling hot bikini, the candidates of Miss Universe gave it all in front of the camera. As I went through the pictures several times, i’ve been on the look-out for… Continue reading My Top 10 Best Swimwear Shots – Miss Universe 2012