Photo of the Day – 01.30.13

3 of the most memorable and celebrated names in Miss Universe

Fadil Berisha (favorite MU Photographer)

Marigona Dragusha (2nd Runner-up, Miss Universe 2009)

Irene Esser (2nd Runner-up, Miss Universe 2012)

What could they be up to?!?

FadilPhoto Credits: Official Instagram & Twitter accounts of Fadil Berisha

From L-R: Irene, Fadil and Gona

These three were in a photo shoot for Sherri Hill…

Look at Irene! She is simply breathtaking here!

Gona didn’t age a bit… That cheekbones and that bun, CLASSIC Gona!

This must be EPIC!


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Kattera Awards 2009: Face of Miss Universe 2009

Here are the most unforgettable faces of this year’s Miss Universe in Bahamas. Placed or unplaced, these girls will forever be remembered as the best that Miss Universe offered this year. Now, I would like to encourage everyone to VOTE for your favoriteūüôā

Sofia Rudieva – Russia

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse .com

This Russian godess conquered every fave list of Miss Universe fan. Though she was left in the cold by MUO, her beauty will forever be remembered!

Marigona Dragusha – Kosovo

Photo Credits:

The “Audrey Hepburn” of Miss Universe 2009! Her strong yet lovely features and oh-that-sexy neck will stay forever in our memories!

Chloe Mortaud – France

Photo Credits: http://www.missuniverse .com

The face that brought back France into the beauty pageant map! Her young+fresh+natural beauty will forever be appreciated…

Rachael Finch РAustralia 

Photo Credits:

The Thunder from Land Down Under! I am disappointed with her placement because I think, this Australian godess deserves more…

Stefania Fernandez – Venezuela

Photo Credits:

The face that will forever be remembered for that Venezuelan historic win! Thos gorgeous red lips were the killer!


It is your turn to vote


The Face of Miss Universe 2009

The winner will have a grand face-off with the respective winners of the other three pageants!

The poll will be open until December 19, 2009 at 11:59PM!

VOTE in the poll below!

Thanks!!! Eye lurves you!

Miss Universe 2009 Final Results

Miss Universe 2009: Stefania Fernandez (Venezuela)

1st Runner-up: Ada De La Cruz (Dominican Republic)

2nd Runner-up: Marigona Dragusha (Kosovo)

3rd Runner-up: Rachael Finch (Australia)

4th Runner-up: Mayra Matos (Puerto Rico)

Top 10

6th Place: Chloe Martud (France)

7th Place: Tatum Keshwar (South Africa)

8th Place: Iveta Lutovska (Czech Republic)

9th Place: Whitney Toytoy (Switzerland)

10th Place: Kristen Dalton (USA)

Top 15

11th Place: Hasna Xhukici (Albania)

12th Place: Zeynep Sever (Belgium)

13th Place: Renate Cerljen (Sweden)

14th Place: Sarah Cosic (Croatia)

15th Place: Ingibjorg Ragnheiour Egilsdottir (Iceland)

Miss Congeniality: Wang Jingyao (China)

Miss Photogenic: Chutima Durongdej (Thailand)

Congratulations everyone!

Miss Universe 2009 (23rd Update): “The European Royalty” Part 2

With this post, I continue presenting to you the members of the “European Royalty”. As what I have claimed in Part 1, this is one of the strongest regions this year. I am hoping to see more European delegates in the semifinalist list this year. Since we already saw the preliminaries, I will stop adding my comments. I chose to put it in my fave list post!

Hungary – Zsuzsa Budai


Iceland – Ingibjorg Ragnheiour Egilsdottir


Ireland – Diana Donnelly


Italy – Laura Valenti


Kosovo – Marigona Dragusha


Montenegro – Anja Jovanovic


Netherlands – Avalon-Chanel Weyzig


Norway – Eli Landa


Poland – Angelika Jakubowska


Romania – Elena Bianca Constantin


Russia – Sofia Rudieva



Serbia – Dragana Atlija


Slovak Republic – Denisa Mendrejova


Slovenia – Mirela Korac


Spain – Estibaliz Pereira


Sweden – Renate Cerljen


Switzerland – Whitney Toytoy


Ukraine – Kristina Kotz-Gotlib


 All pictures posted above are courtesy of Miss Universe Organization

 Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP ( 

Miss Universe 2009 Poll (August 6 Update)

I am back! My apologies for not being able to update the blog. I got swamped with urgent things! Hopefully, everyone is feeling greatūüôā

Below, I am posting an update of the votes we have received so far. Since new countries entered the list, I will be posting the Top 15 as of August 6. I will also be mentioning the new entrants :) Here is our update:

Philippines (Bianca Manalo) – 43.50% of the votes

Photo Credit: Pawee of

Colombia (Michelle Rouillard) – 30.32% of the votes

Brazil (Larissa Costa) – 8.85% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

 Mexico (Karla Carillo) Р3.01% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

Albania (Hasna Xhukici) – 2.82% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

Thailand (Chutima Durongdej) – 1.69% of the votes

Indonesia (Zivanna Letisha Serigar) – 1.51% of the votes

Bahamas (Kiara Sherman) – 1.13% of the votes

Photo Credit: The Bahamas Ministry Tourism (

India (Ekta Chowdhary) – 0.94% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

Dominican Republic (Ada De La Cruz) – 0.94% of the votes

Zambia (Andella Chileshe Matthews) – 0.57% of the votes

Ecuador (Sandra Vinces) – 0.57% of the votes

Paraguay (Mareike Baumgarten) – 0.57% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

Greece (Viviana Kampanile-Zagorianakou) – 0.57% of the votes

Czech Republic (Iveta Lutovska) – 0.57% of the votes

Photo Credit: Copyright © Miss Universe L.P., LLLP (

New to our list were Slovenia’s Mirela Korac, Turks & Caicos’ Jewel Selver, and Kosovo’s Marigona Dragusha.

The poll is still open and will be closed by 12 noon, August 23, 2009 (Bahamas Time). The winner of the poll will be named as Miss Universe 2009 Kattera’s Readers Choice Awardee. So what are you waiting for?!? Vote NOW… Vote HERE!