Athina Karla Chia assumes the Miss Philippines Fire 2013 Title!

Photo Credits: Miss Philippines Earth

The organizers behind Miss Philippines Earth 2013 confirmed that Athina Karla Chia (who represented Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay) is now the Miss Philippines Fire 2013 titleholder.

In the post through the official FB page of Miss Philippines Earth, it was announced that the elemental queens last year are moving a level up – Nancy Leonard will be assuming the Miss Philippines Air 2013 title while Alma Cabasal assumes the Miss Philippines Water 2013 title. Bernadette Aguirre retains her Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism 2013 title. No reason was specified in the said post but it seems that Kimverlyn Suiza is not connected with the pageant anymore. Kim was the Miss Philippines Air 2013 titleholder. She is technically still within her reign but we all know that is now competing in Binibining Pilipinas 2014.

I am wondering if Kimverlyn & Miss Philippines Earth parted ways peacefully…


What is the perfect hairstyle for Kim?

I can’t say that Kimverlyn Suiza is my top choice for the crowns… At least not yet! I prefer the Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Kim than the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 version. My biggest issue with Kim this year is her hairstyle. Both the tight bun and the hair band she wore during the screening was just so wrong. My reaction was a bit different to fans who adored her with the tight bun hairstyle. I honestly think that it stretched her neck that it looked too long!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

Just imagine how happy I was after seeing this photo of Kim. This is just a casual look for Kim but the relaxed hairstyling suited her perfectly! She should let her hair hang down and add some soft tussle which will do a lot of magic. What do you think?

If you are a fan of Kim, express your support and vote for her at our POLL!


Fun Moments with Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Queens

I love Miss Philippines Earth – both the pageant and its queens! I can give a gazillion of reason why I love the pageant and one of these reasons is the fact that its queens are hardworking queens. If the ladies are not in elementary schools sharing stories and tips to the students, they are most likely somewhere in country planting more trees or in a coastal community somewhere picking up garbage or probably attending a forum and giving out speech about the environment – Miss Philippines Earth queens are real-life busy bees.

So, it was surely a pleasure to me seeing the 2013 queens taking a fun and clean break from their tasks and bonded like sisters. Our 5 reigning queens – Angelee delos Reyes, Kimverlyn Suiza, Nancy Leonard, Alma Cabasal and Bernadette Aguirre – went to an amusement park and i’m sure that they had a blast:

Photo Credits: FB Page of Nancy Leonard

So happy to see their smiles😀
These four are making me miss my childhood!


I hope that their friendship will continue forever!

And Angelee, good job in maintaining that figure! Whew!


Miss World Philippines 2013 (11th Update): Another Screening Extension!

[UPDATED POST] Just a quick question for the Miss World Philippines 2013 organizer… Is it true that the screening was extended until Monday (July 29)? Today was supposedly the Final Screening! Allegedly, only a few of the candidates who applied went through the screening process. The extension will supposedly cater to provincial candidates! I’ll confirm with MWP Organizers later… I’ll keep you posted! Is this the Megan Young effect?!?

The organizers behind Miss World Philippines 2013 confirmed via SMS that there is another screening that will happen this Monday (July 29). This is after they announced before that the screening at Solaire yesterday was the Final Screening. They mentioned that they were still finalizing the details of this screening on the 29th.

My favorite beauty queen blogger – Ms. Joyce Burton – mentioned in her blog post HERE that the final screening next week will still be at Solaire. It seems that the reason behind this is that “several groups from the provinces asked for an extension to give their girls time to travel to Manila”. Check-out Ms. Joyce’s post and see some exclusive photos on the screening yesterday.

In my opinion, the organizers are waiting for more girls to show up. They only had a handful of girls during the July 21st and 23rd screening. If they will really be picky with the candidates, I don’t think they can come-up with 25 candidates like they had last year. This is despite the P1 million prize at stake. If this is true, I can think of two major reasons behind this: (1) The Megan Young effect – I know that the crown is still up for grabs but Megan is getting all the attention and all the hype from beauty pageant fans after her rumored “attempt” to join Bb. Pilipinas 2013. She is beautiful, sexy and is a crowd-favorite. The fact that she is a famous actress is only a bonus! Imagine the fact that she is the ONLY entry of Aces and Queens to the pageant which is highly unusual. Fans are used to seeing a couple of candidates from a certain camp. This is a very bold statement from Jonas Gaffud. (2) Another reason is the timing of the event. Miss World Philippines 2013 started its screening just this month after the success of Bb. Pilipinas Gold and Miss Philippines Earth 2013. That is close to 100 official candidates for both pageants. Then as the pageant was about to take off, Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 started its pageant with around 30 applicants. This surely ate up the “supply” of  “qualified” beauty queens in the country.

I really hope that Ms. Cory Quirino and her team, learned a lot from this. I highly suggest moving the pageant to an earlier schedule. January or February next year will be good! The next queen will have enough time to train and prepare for her Beauty with a Purpose entry.  


Miss Philippines Earth 2013 – Opening Number

Video Credits: ILoveTalentShows of YouTube

I am not sure if I mentioned to you already, but I wasn’t able to watch the pageant last Sunday. My schedule on that day became crazy because of some unexpected visitors. Thus, I’ve been checking video sites online hoping for clips of the pageant to watch.Unfortunately, all videos online are just snippets and no one posted a full video yet.

In one of my scanning sessions earlier, I saw this video clip of the opening number of Miss Philippines Earth 2013. I got interested because days before the finale, it was announced that the opening production number would be something new – a first in any pageant. After seeing the clip, I got disappointed big time. Or that surprise was only for the arena audience? I don’t know! If I will base it on this clip, there was nothing new about it. It didn’t excite me at all. The only saving grace of this clip is the costume of the candidates -which I adore – and the lovely Karla Henry. Do let me know if i missed-out on something…

— Kattera —

Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Coronation Night in Photos

As we enjoy the success of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 and the well-deserved victory of Angelee delos Reyes, let me take you back to that magical evening through the official pictures released by Carousel Productions. The videos available online are still incomplete. I will post videos here once available.

Photo Credits:

Opening Number

The Hosts

The Reigning Queens

Some of the Judges

Swimsuit Competition

First 5 Semifinalists

Evening Gown Competition

Second 5 Semifinalists

Question and Answer

Crowning Moment

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Ms. Cathy Untalan of Miss Earth Foundation and to the whole team of SM Food Group. Miss Philippines Earth 2013 was a great success and I am just happy that I became a part of it.

— Kattera —

Angelee Delos Reyes (Miss Philippines Earth 2013) in Bandila

In one of her first TV appearances as Miss Philippines Earth 2013, Angelee Delos Reyes faced the tough questions thrown to her by Boy Abunda in the Ikaw Na segment of ABS-CBN‘s late night news program – Bandila!

Video Credits: TheABSCBNNEWS of YouTube

I actually admire Angelee for surviving the interview. She managed to reply with “balanced” and “friendly” answers to questions that for me sounded a bit awkward. The question about what she has that Binibini winners don’t have was a question that I thought was off. Other ladies will surely fall into the trap by giving in statements that will probably result to unhealthy comparison of the two competing national pageants. The fact that Angelee gave a very politically “friendly” answer made me a fanatic! Good job…

— Kattera —