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Miss Supranational 2014 (1st Update): It is Official…

We all saw Mutya Datul arrived in Poland for some activities related to Miss Supranational 2014 :)  Her visit was to help announce the official city host and finals date of the pageant this year. In a glittering event earlier this week, it was announced that the 6th edition of Miss Supranational will be held on December 5  at… Continue reading Miss Supranational 2014 (1st Update): It is Official…

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Mutya Datul in Poland

Mutya Datul – arrived in Poland yesterday to fulfill some of her Miss Supranational 2013 duties🙂 It was announced recently that Miss Supranational 2014 will be held on December 5 in Poland. I am excited to see photos from this trip of Mutya as I expect for her to tour the country. Poland is on my bucket list because… Continue reading Mutya Datul in Poland

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Gabriela Isler’s Visit to the Philippines (In Photos)

The last time that a reigning Miss Universe was in the Philippines was when Miss Universe 1993 Dayanara Torres of Puerto Rico attended the Miss Universe 1994 here in Manila. Filipinos are known to be the best pageant fans and we sure know how to love our queens. Dayanara appeared in movies and television shows in the country. Just imagine the news, when it was… Continue reading Gabriela Isler’s Visit to the Philippines (In Photos)

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All About Miss Intercontinental!

So what really is Miss Intercontinental? And why am I hearing about this pageant just now? These are two of the most common questions I received from friends and readers who followed the recently concluded Binibining Pilipinas 2014. The pageant is really something new to the ears of those who are not keen followers of beauty pageants.… Continue reading All About Miss Intercontinental!

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A Beautiful Morning Greetings from your BBP2013 Queens!

What will you do if you wake up greeted by this beautiful sight? I saw this photo on Fashion Pulis blog. Our 2013 Queens – Cindy Miranda, Ara Arida, Bea Santiago and Mutya Datul – look heavenly in this beach photo. Bea still has the best body among the reigning queens. Who among the candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 will inherit… Continue reading A Beautiful Morning Greetings from your BBP2013 Queens!

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Binibining Pilipinas (29th Update): Feeling the Vibe

The delegates of Binibining Pilipinas 2014 were in Bataan recently to shoot for the Binibining Pilipinas 2014 Special that will air on March 23 over ABS-CBN. The ladies were shot in their swimsuits while dancing and feeling the festive beat. I have some clips here for you🙂 Please make sure to watch The Road to the Crown TV Special on March… Continue reading Binibining Pilipinas (29th Update): Feeling the Vibe

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The Travelling Queens

Winning the title and the crown means a year-long reign filled with activities promoting the causes of the organization. For other queens, promoting these causes requires them to travel to other places. Think of it as perks of the job🙂 Our 2013 queens are enjoying their reigns and some of them were already asked to… Continue reading The Travelling Queens