Puteri Indonesia 2013: Official Results

I am so proud with Indonesia after they crowned my most favorite lady! Here is the official results of Puteri Indonesia 2012-2013:

Puteri Indonesia 2013: Whulandary Herman

1st Runner-up: Marisa Sartika Maladewi

2nd Runner-up: Cok Istri Crisnanda Widani

Top 5

Novia Indriani Mamuaja

Nadia Ingrida

Top 10

Bripda Friska Juliana Agustinus

Aubry Widdy Asteria Beer

Clarasati Suhanda

Ayu Raviante

Ryan Putri Astrini

Despite the fact that I only got 4/10, I am still elated that Whulan was crowned. She was a clear and deserving frontrunner… This is a very good start for Indonesia in their quest for a Miss Universe placement this year.

What the organization needs to know now is to reinvent Whulan and transforming her into a beauty queen. She sometimes look “model-ey”! The need to train her on styling and create the best package for her. However, she is a sure placer if we identify the best Asian delegate for Miss Universe.

PuteriIndo01Photo Credits: Getty Images (www.gettyimages.com)

PuteriIndo04Photo Credits: Getty Images (www.gettyimages.com)

I still don’t have news if the runner-ups will be sent to an international pageant. I heard from someone in the grapevine and it seems that the 1st RU is for Miss Earth and 2nd RU is for Miss International.

As you already know, Olivia Culpo is now in Indonesia and attended the finale in a breath-taking dress…


PuteriIndo02Photo Credits: http://www.kattera.wordpress.com


Puteri Indonesia 2013: My Favorites…

The finals of Miss Puteri Indonesia 2013 is scheduled tomorrow – February 1. Since I am new with the pageant, I don’t have that much idea on what happens during their finale. However, I am proud to share with you my favorites for the crown. This is based on the pictures i’ve seen and videos I checked-out via YouTube.

Based on what I’ve read online, Puteri Indonesia will be giving out three crowns/titles on Friday night: Miss Indonesia Universe 2013, Miss Indonesia Earth 2013 and Miss Indonesia International 2013. I am not just sure if they will still be giving-out the Miss Indonesia Asia Pacific title this year.

Miss Indonesia Universe 2013:
Whulandary Herman (West Sumatra)

PI01Whulandary01Photo Credits: Whulandary’s Twitter account

Miss Indonesia Earth 2013
Elsa Maureen Sihasale (Maluku)

Photo Credits: http://www.puteri-indonesia.com

Miss Indonesia International 2013
Aubry Widdy Asteria Beer (Jakarta SCR 5)

Photo Credits: http://www.puteri-indonesia.com

Top 5

Della Erawati Dartyan (Banten)

Novia Indriani Mamuaja (North Sulawesi)

Top 10

Surayya Ardillah (Riau)

Karina Febriani (Jakarta SCR 4)

Baiq Merlystha Yonnanda (West Nusa Tunggara)

Ayu Ravianti (West Kalimantan)

Fenny Santhi Karima (West Sulawesi)