Miss Earth 2013 (5th Update): My Press Conference Coverage

Last Thursday, the 90 official candidates of Miss Earth 2013 were presented to the members of the media via a Press Conference. It was my very first international pageant press conference. I traveled to Manila (from Cebu) just for the event. I am sharing all my experiences with you so make sure that you read through this article as I enjoyed the whole Manille experience🙂

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The event was hosted by the stunning Stephany Stefanowitz  Miss Earth Air 2012. She was just beautiful. Her signature red lippie was just gorge up-close! She was pin thin and was even thinner than when she competed last year🙂

There were close to thirty media personnel in F1 Hotel ready to cover the press conference. It was a mixed group of both local and international media. Of course, I was with my beauty pageant friends: Joyce Burton of Adventures of a Beauty Queen, JP and Tianne of Pageant Tribune Philippines, Deybid of Critical Beauty and Raymond Golez of Sash Factor. These folks made my first international press conference experience extra special.

I was very early so I was able to position myself just right in front of the stage. I had a very good view of the candidates as they introduced themselves and sashayed on stage. As I am not a professional photographer, I decided not to post some of the photos because the quality. Here are some of the Miss Earth 2013 candidates for you🙂

Albania – Afrovoti Goge

She opened the event on a high note. She was energetic and beautiful🙂

Austria – Katia Wagner

One of my sentimental favorite this year, Katia is so sweet and is so down-to-earth. She is very charming with that megawatt smile!

Belize – Amber Rivero

Bolivia – Maria Rene Carmona

You won’t miss Bolivia as she towers the rest of the candidates🙂 This gives her an extra point on my list. I just wish she knows how to work the stage as I felt some hesitation with her walk and her pauses!

Brazil – Priscilla Martins

I am a bit disappointed with Brazil. My guess is that my expectations were too high. She was fairly OK but a candidate needs more than an OK to win a pageant. The nerve on her forehead bothered me a lot! Knowing that she is Ms. Brazil, I am sure that she will be a semifinalist. It will be up to her finale performance to see if she will advance! She has the best swimsuit🙂

Chile – Natalia Lermanda

I love her smile and I think that she is beautiful… Her mother was in the audience and was so nice as well🙂

Colombia – Diana Carolina Ortegon

Oh, how I wish that Colombia is a bit taller. Her catwalk was exquisite but the impact was not what she expected as she was too short to be noticed.

Costa Rica – Mariela Aparicio

Another sentimental favorite, Costa Rica has one of the most beautiful faces in the competition. She needs to work on her personality and she sometimes looks boring on stage. Don’t just rely with that gorgeous face. It will only bring you somewhere. The rest is already based on charm and personality🙂

Dominican Republic – Maria Eugenia Cargas

England – Chloe Othen

France – Sophie Garenaux

Such a photogenic face. This photo doesn’t even capture the true beauty of France🙂

Gabon – Filiane Mayombo Koundi

Sexy and exotic! Everyone went gaga the moment she stepped on that stage!

Germany – Caroline Noeding

She has a very classic face and I love it🙂 The sex appeal is over the chart as well. She reminds me of Baywatch and all the sexy ladies on that show.

Guatemala – Jimena Mansilla Wever

Hungary – Dalma Huszarovics

A very pretty blonde this year! She was charming and soooo cute on stage!

India – Sobhita Dhulipala

I love this lady! I find her beauty so exotic. I hope that she will be successful on the finale as I feel that she has so much to offer in terms of performance.

Indonesia – Nita Sofiani

Nita was friendly and accommodating🙂 She even requested us to pray for her success. I love the humility Dear!

Korea – Catharina Choi

I adore the beauty of Korea. She was beautiful and styled impeccably. How I wish she will be a bit more aggressive on stage. I just think that she is the strongest Korean delegate in the 13-year history of Miss Earth! I really like her!

Lebanon – Rita Houkayem

Lithuania – Monika Sereckyte

Macau – Ashely Qian

Martinique – Rani Charles

Oh, I love this lady. Another sentimental favorite of mine this year! She has a very beautiful face. I love her facial features. Hers was exotic and beautifully sculpted🙂 And we have the same haircut so she wins for me😀

Mauritius – Virginie Dorza

Nepal – Rojisha Shahi Thakuri

Oh, I love Nepal. She actually made a very good impression on me and I will be looking at her closely moving forward…

Nigeria – Marie Miller

Northern Ireland – Amira Graham

Norway – Caroline Sparboe

Panama – Johanna Batista

Oh, such a strong Latina! Panama is sassy and sexy. The styling was a mess to me but I can’t deny the strength of this lady🙂

Philippines – Angelee delos Reyes

Philippines has one of the best bodies in the competition! Angelee is so ready to fight for the crown and she has my full support!

Romania – Ioana Mihalache

Romania is a stunning lady! Her face is a dynamo… Another on-the-radar girl🙂

Serbia – Andjelka Tomasevic

The most beautiful candidate of Miss Earth 2013. She is a living doll. Excluding her in the semifinalist roster will be a total injustice!

Sierra Leone – Mariatu Dukuray

Slovak Republic – Lucia Slaninkova

Another bombshell from Europe! Slovak Republic is oozing with sex appeal as she sashayed on stage.

Slovenia – Nina Kos

South Africa – Ashanti Mbanga

South Africa is a pageant powerhouse in Miss Earth so I am expecting that Ashanti will be a strong candidate for the semifinals. However, I am not a big fan of her beauty. I can name two or three black delegates who are much stronger than her.

Spain – Cristina Martinez

Sri Lanka – Solange Kristina Gunawijeya

Sweden – Denice Andree

Switzerland – Djoa Strassburg

Tahiti – Maeva Simonin

Tanzania – Clara Noor

Thailand – Punika Khunsuntonrat

Thailand has a very good shot for the Miss Earth crown this year! The country’s representative is beautiful, charming, stunning and a great personality. A potential Top 4 for Thailand!

Ukraine – Anatasia Sukh

Another strong delegate this year is from Ukraine! She is the strongest blonde this year and one of the exceptional European candidates🙂

USA – Nicolle Velez

I am not a fan😦

US Virgin Islands – Vanessa Donastorg

Venezuela – Alyz Henrich

Venezuela might just win their second crown for this year! Their representative to Miss Earth 2013 has everything in control🙂 If there was a Darling of the Press award, I would have voted for this lady!

Zambia – Winnie-Fredah Kabwe

Zimbabwe – Samantha Dika

That’s it for now🙂

Next, I will be sharing with you the candidates who left a very good impression on me…

I will also be writing an open letter to Carousel Productions on my observations from the event!


Big Words from Ms. Cory Quirino!

I dare say… These are big words from the national director of Miss World Philippines – Ms. Cory Quirino. I am guessing that this video of Sash Factor was taken during the departure of Megan Young to Indonesia. Check out the video below:

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Video Credits: Sash Factor

More than the Beauty with a Purpose award, we want the crown. It’s time!

I go by my strong feeling ‘coz i’m guided by my inner feeling; my feeling is that
the crown will come to the Philippines already. It’s ours!

At exactly 6PM on September 28, I want all of you to visualize that the
Miss World crown is on the head of Megan Young.

Like what we usually say in Tagalog – “Mag dilang anghel ka sana”


Miss World Philippines 2013 (29th Update): Photos of the Finale

Megan Young has been crowned as Miss World Philippines 2013. Before we finally close this chapter, let us all relive the magical moment that unfolded before us – the crowning of Megan.

I am borrowing the photos of Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info) and Missosology (www.missosology.info) in this quick review of what happened last night!


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms. Cory Quirino and her team for successfully pulling through the competition despite several challenges. Cheers for a successful bid for the Miss World 2013 crown.


Miss World Philippines 2013 (22nd Update): Megan wins Miss World Laguna Title

No, don’t be confused… Megan Young is still in the Miss World Philippines 2013 pageant and Miss World Laguna 2013 is just a segment of the pageant. Think of it as a mini-pageant within the pageant!

Laguna is a province south of Metro Manila. It is one of the sponsors of Miss World Philippines pageant. Candidates visit the province and a series of activities are lined-up for them. One of which is a mini-pageant dubbed as Miss World Laguna. This activity started last year and it was Vanessa Amman who won the Miss World Laguna 2012 title and Queenierich Rehman was a runner-up. Of course, we all know that Vanessa ended up as last year’s 2nd runner-up to Queenierich who ended up with the Miss World Philippines 2012 title.

This year, candidates went to Laguna for a tour of the province’s tourist destinations. The Miss World Laguna 2013 was also staged with a cocktail & swimsuit competition and a Q&A. Below is the official list of winners:

Photo Credits: Megan Young for Miss World Philippines FB Fan Page

Winner: (20) Megan Young

1st Runner-up: (14) Vina Openiano

Top 5

(10) Janicel Lubina

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(19) Bianca Paz

Top 10

(24) Zandra Flores

(18) Omarie Osuna

(16) Aikah Dindah

(8) Frances Claire Vintola

(13) Paula Estenzo

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This is certainly a good news for Megan and Vina because if the trend last year will be repeated, both of them might just be seeing each other in the Top 5 of the finale! Megan is, for me, the one to beat this year and this award is a big testament on her capabilities! Vina is also one of the stronger delegates this year. I read somewhere comments saying that Vina placed this high because she is from Laguna. I find these comments insulting and baseless. Vina proved her worth after placing as a semifinalist in a very competitive Mutya ng Pilipinas 2013 pageant. She is also one of the tallest candidate this year which is an added factor. I don’t think she won just because she is from Laguna. Mercegrace Raquel is also a native of Laguna but failed to be in the Top 10! Vina is a very strong candidate and has the capability to penetrate even the Top 5 on the finale! So much with the negativity, sharing to you some photos of the event! Thanks to Sash Factor for the photos….

Photo Credits: Sash Factor


Congratulations ladies…


Miss World Philippines 2013 (18th Update): Videos from the Press Presentation

I shared with you the photos from the Press Presentation of Miss World Philippines 2013 HERE! Now, the beautiful people of Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info) uploaded videos from the same event. This will give you a chance to see the girls in motion! Check-out the videos below and look for three things: catwalk of the candidates, who’s telegenic and who has the best stage presence! Leave your comments below😀

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Opening Number

Swimsuit Presentation

Photo Ops

What ‘cha think?!?

Who overshadowed the rest of the candidate?


Miss World Philippines 2013 (17th Update): Photos from the Press Presentation

Miss World Philippines 2013 started with yesterday with the presentation of the official candidates to the members of the press. The 26 ladies strutted in their cocktail dresses as they introduced themselves. They then quickly changed to their swimsuits for a preview of their catwalk🙂 It is important to note that Bianca Saldua wore a “sarong” because of her religion.

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I have here exclusive photos for all of you. Thanks to the beautiful people behind Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info):

Nicole Marable
Bianca Saldua
Karla Patricia Alas
Samantha Bernardo
Frances Claire Vintola
Janicel Lubina
Mercegrace Raquel
Angelica Lopez
Paula Estenzo
Bianca Paz
Megan Young
Patricia Lae Ejercitado
Zandra Flores


Ria Rabajante

The competition is certainly shaping up to be more competitive than expected! And here is a quick preview of their catwalk courtesy of GMA 7 – the official media partner of the pageant!

Video Credits: gmanews of YouTube


Miss World Philippines 2013 (15th Update): The Official Candidates

After some tension-filled heartbeats of Filipino loyal fans, the official candidates of Miss World Philippines 2013 were revealed today through a press presentation at Solaire! Here are the 26 candidates who will battle for the blue crown and will represent the country in Miss World 2013 this September…

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Thanks a lot to Sash Factor (www.sashfactor.info) for the photos!

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

(1) Nicole Marable

(2) Roselle Marie Ferrer

(3) Princesslyn Dignadice

(4) Khadija Nasser

(5) Bianca Saldua

(6) Karla Patricia Alas

(7) Samantha Bernardo

(8) Frances Claire Vintola

(9) Pia Ochengco

(10) Janicel Lubina

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

(11) Mercegrace Raquel

(12) Angelica Lopez

(13) Paula Estenzo

(14) Vina Openiano

(15) Maria Lily Teresa Salazar

(16) Aikah Dindah

Photo Credits: Sash Factor

(17) Jennifer Hammond

(18) Omarie Osuna

(19) Bianca Paz

(20) Megan Young

(21) Jennyline Carla Malpaya

(22) Patricia Lae Ejercitado

(23) Ria Rabajante

(24) Zandra Flores

(25) Melanie Barrett

(26) KC Cajandig

Let the games begin!!!